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In Autodesk 3ds Max


  • Compatible with 3dsMax 2013 and higher. B2M3 is dedicated to PBR materials, if you use a "classic" pipeline, B2M2 version is recommended.
  • For PBR renders in 3ds Max use the "Legacy" version (Bitmap2Material_3.sbsar) or exported bitmaps.
    The Bitmap2Material_3-X.sbsar version use last Substance Engine features and is not compatible with older versions.
  • It is recommended to use the new Slate Material Editor since Substance inputs are not supported by the Compact Material Editor.
  • You can hide the intermediary outputs of the substance by setting "Hide Single Map Output Selectors" to true in the Options > Preferences menu.

In the Global Substance Settings rollout in 3ds Max, the Preview Resolution setting is currently unsupported by the B2M and has no effect on the resolution.


  1. The Substance node is located in the Map browser under the "Standard" group.

  2. Drag and drop it in the Slate canvas and double click on your new node.

  3. Click on the "Load Substance..." button and browse to your Bitmap2Material.sbsar file.

  4. You can now plug your bitmap in the "Main Input" of the substance and plug all needed outputs in your material inputs.

    Some inputs are optional, you don't need them to generate all the maps but they can help you to obtain a better result:

    Grunge (optional): Import a grunge map

    Metallic (optional): Import a metallic map

    Height (optional): Import a height map

    Normal (optional): Import a normal map

  5. The Substance parameters allow you to fine tune the results. See the parameters descriptions.

    Be sure the outputs you need are enabled (in the "Outputs" group) in order to generate them

  6. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can either render your outputs through the "Render Map" feature in 3ds max or embed the Substance with your mesh in a .FBX file if your engine supports it.


  1. You can load presets in 3ds Max 2012 through the Substance Bonus Tools included with the 3ds Max installer or available on our website.

  2. Start by selecting your B2M Substance by clicking on the Substance Texture Map button.

  3. Then use the "Preset Files" menu to go to your preset file.

  4. Click on "show all" and you will be able to choose and apply any preset to your Substance.


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