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Get Started

Bitmap2Material allows you to create PBR materials from a single diffuse image.

Bitmap2Material can be used in 2 ways:

  • As a standalone, by launching bitmap2material.exe or
  • In Substance compatible tools

B2M in Substance compatible tools

You need to load a substance file of Bitmap2Material in your Substance compatible tool.

Some information about the files:

  • Bitmap2Material_3-X.sbsar: This is the main Bitmap2Material that you should use in order to get the most beautiful materials. However as the algorithm is complex, it may be too heavy to use on mobile.
    It is recommended to use this version in UE4 or Unity for example.
    This version uses last engine features and can be incompatible with some integrations that use an older version of the engine (for example 3dsMax or Maya native integrations).
    In this case use the sbsar below or exported textures (using Substance Player or B2M application).
  • Legacy/Bitmap2Material_3.sbsar: This is a legacy version of Bitmap2Material that you can use in integrations based on a previous version of Substance Engine.
  • Legacy/Bitmap2Material_3_UE4.sbsar: This is a legacy version dedicated to Unreal Engine 4. It only contains the necessary outputs/parameters for this engine.

Here is the process to get those Substance Files:


  • Launch Bitmap2Material.exe
  • Go to Help->Data


  • Launch Bitmap2Material.dmg
  • Open the Data folder


Bitmap2Material needs a power of 2 square image in order to work. If your image is not a power of 2 square, B2M will resize it.

B2M can export bitmaps in different resolutions depending on the software:

Resolution Max

2048 with CPU engine

4096 with GPU engine

3ds Max2048


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