Learn about the different auto-animate effects you can create between artboard transitions in XD.

Depending on which properties are modified, XD leverages Auto-Animate to animate them across the artboards. Some properties change at the start or end, and some animate over the duration of the transition.

Properties that animate over the duration of the transition

  • Border Size
  • Opacity
  • Rounded Corner
  • Position (X/Y)
  • Size (W/H)
  • Rotation 
  • Text Size
  • Character Spacing
  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Line Spacing 
  • Paths

Properties that change at the start of transition

  • Solid Fill
  • Gradients
  • Border Color 
  • Text Family
  • Text Color
  • Text Style/Weight
  • Text Alignment
  • Text Underline
  • Image Fills 
  • Text Content

Properties that change at the end of transition

  • Border Position 
  • Shadow
  • Background Blur 
  • Object Blur 
  • Border Style

Properties with fade-in and fade-out effects

  • Mismatch/Missing 
  • Point/Area Text

Properties with same effects as text

  • Sub-range

Properties with no changes

  • Object Flip

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