For known issues with the shipping version of Adobe XD, see Adobe XD: Known Issues.


Mac and Windows

62277 - XD does not notify users when their open cloud documents or source documents of linked symbols are updated by collaborators.

Workaround: Users need to re-open those documents to check for any updates.

54351 - Background blurs with opacity and strokes do not render correctly in the preview window.

Workaround: Create two separate layers; one with transparent fills and strokes, and another one with the background blur layered below.

56652 - Rotated elements in a nested group are offset when using responsive resize.

Workaround: Reimport the rotated instance into XD.

67953 - Renaming an XD file to an existing filename in its parent folder fails without any warning.

Workaround: Ensure that the filename is unique before saving it.

14850 - Selecting a color stop in the gradient properties inspector and pressing delete key on the keyboard deletes the selected color.

Workaround: Though not a workaround, XD uses a visual indicator to notify when you select a color stop.

Windows Only

66176 - Unable to delete a cloud document if left open on Windows.

Workaround: Close the document and delete.

59212 - XD crashes after welcome screen goes blank for 30 seconds after launch (Win10 RS5 Beta).

Workaround: Restart the machine.

61875 - XD does not have access to microphone by default on Windows.

Workaround: Follow these steps to enable microphone permissions on XD:

  1. Type Settings in Windows Search and open the Windows Settings app.
  2. In the Windows Settings app, type Microphone privacy settings in Search.
  3. Toggle to select Adobe XD CC.

49656 - XD crashes while launching on Windows 10 RS5.

Workaround: Restart your machine and launch XD again. For more information on supported versions, see Adobe XD CC system requirements.

62120 - Email triggered while reporting abuse against plugins shows garbled content (Korean, French, German).

Workaround: Change the Windows display language to English or any other supported language temporarily. (To open the Windows language settings, type Region & language settings in Windows Search). You can switch back to Korean, French, or German after reporting abuse against the concerned plugins.


42650 - Text created with some fonts in XD desktop with Area Text option does not render correctly in the XD iOS app.

Workaround: Use other fonts in XD Desktop or use Point Text option.

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