Find answers to common questions about Project Felix.

Project Felix is a new app for working with 3D models, materials, and lights with 2D background images to create fully rendered, high-quality images with photorealistic effects.

We are releasing this app at an early stage as a public beta because we’d like to work with customers and use your feedback to ensure we’re developing a tool that meets the needs of designers.

The public beta is available only to paid Adobe Creative Cloud members.

Getting started


What is Project Felix?

Project Felix is a desktop app currently in development. The first beta release lets graphic designers composite 3D assets like models, materials, and lights with 2D background images into high-quality images with photorealistic effects without time-consuming workflows — even if they don’t have experience with 3D software.

Who uses Project Felix?

Project Felix is for graphic designers who understand basic 3D modeling principles like depth of field, perspective, lighting, and textures. Project Felix gives designers the ability to quickly insert objects, apply and edit surface materials to those objects, and then stage the entire scene with lighting and background imagery to create a final rendered image.

What types of projects can I use Project Felix for?

Graphic designers use the app to create:
  • Advertising or product shots
  • Product design
  • Scene visualizations and concept mockups
  • Abstract art
  • Package design (coming with the next beta)
  • Logo or branding design (coming with the next beta)

What are the minimum system requirements for Project Felix?

This first beta was built from the ground up to give you an experience that scales with the latest hardware and software technology.

For information, see System requirements | Project Felix.

Am I eligible to download Project Felix?

Project Felix is available as a free download to users with a paid Creative Cloud membership, including Creative Cloud for teams and Creative Cloud for enterprise:

  • Any Single App plan
  • Creative Cloud Photography plan
  • All Apps plan

The app is available in all regions, but in English only.

Note: Free Creative Cloud members are not eligible at this time.

What language is Project Felix available in?

Currently, only in English.

What other Adobe products and services is Project Felix integrated with?

Project Felix works with:

  • Adobe Stock
  • Photoshop
  • Creative Cloud Libraries

You can search, source, and license 3D assets and 2D background images on Adobe Stock from within Project Felix. All 3D assets on Adobe Stock are optimized to work with the app. You can also bring your own assets saved to Creative Cloud Libraries or from your desktop into Project Felix.

Where can I learn about new features and get the latest version of Project Felix?

Throughout the beta period of Project Felix, our core goal is to grow and develop a community of users. We want to develop Project Felix with you collaboratively. You can share feedback from within the app by using the feedback button at the upper-right corner of the screen.

You can also use the following resources to stay informed:

Pricing and availability

Is there a cost to download Project Felix?

No, the beta version is free for users with paid Creative Cloud memberships, including Creative Cloud for teams and Creative Cloud for enterprise. However, free Creative Cloud members are not eligible at this time.

Be sure to log in to your Creative Cloud account when visiting to download the app.

Where can I download Project Felix?

After signing in to your Creative Cloud account, you can download the beta within your Creative Cloud app by clicking the Apps tab.

Is there a cost to use Adobe Stock with Project Felix?

Adobe Stock is a growing marketplace of 3D models, materials, lights, and background images that have all been optimized to work with Project Felix. There is no additional cost to access Adobe Stock, but you must license the assets before you can work with them in the app. Assets range from free to premium pricing per asset. Once licensed in Adobe Stock and saved to your Creative Cloud Library, the asset appears in the Libraries panel in Project Felix.

The Project Felix app comes with a getting started library of free models, materials, and lights that you can find in the Assets panel. You can search and license more 3D assets from Adobe Stock simply by typing a keyword into the search field in the Libraries panel.

Note: If you are a Creative Cloud for enterprise or Creative Cloud for teams member, contact your administrator to gain permission to license and save purchased assets from Adobe Stock.

What types of assets can I get from Adobe Stock to use in Project Felix?

You can search and license:

  • 3D models
  • Materials
  • Lights
  • Graphics

Start searching 3D assets now.

Using Project Felix

How does Project Felix work?

When you launch Project Felix for the first time, you have the option to take a guided tour of the app. We’ve also created video tutorials for beginners that you can follow:
  1. Orientation to Project Felix UI (~9 minutes)
  2. Intro to key techniques (~7 minutes)
  3. How to use Adobe Stock (~5 minutes)
  4. Easy 3D graphic design with Project Felix (~11 minutes)

Generally speaking, here is a basic workflow:

  1. Import assets from Adobe Stock, your desktop, or personal files.
  2. Drag a 3D model to your viewport.
  3. Apply a material.
  4. Add a background image.
  5. Use the background image to detect and apply the horizon line and create lighting.
  6. Select PSD as your format choice. At any point during your render, you can choose to take a quick snapshot and open your layered file in Photoshop for further post-processing.

In addition to Adobe Stock 3D assets and background images, you can also bring your own assets saved to your Creative Cloud Libraries or from your desktop.

  • Models must be in an OBJ format.
  • Project Felix can read MTL formats for materials but converts them to the app’s internal MDL format for higher quality rendering.
  • Felix supports IBL, EXR, and HDR formats for light assets, also known as IBLs (image-based-lights).
  • Background images, or 2D images, can be PNG or JPEG format. 

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