Other functions

Function Description
ApplicationStop Stops the current application.
CreateDynamicProxy Creates a dynamic proxy of the ColdFusion component that is passed to a Java library.
CreateUUID Creates a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). A UUID is a 35-character string representation of a unique 128-bit integer.
DeleteClientVariable Deletes a client variable.
GetApplicationMetadata Returns the application settings that you have specified in the application, either in the Application.cfc or Application.cfm.
GetBaseTagData Finds calling (ancestor) tag by name and accesses its data.
GetBaseTagList Gets ancestor tag names, starting with the parent tag.
GetBaseTemplatePath Gets the absolute server file system path of the requested CFML file.
GetClientVariablesList Finds the client variables to which a page has write access.
GetLocalHostIP Returns the localhost IP address.
IsLocalHost Determines whether the specified IP address is the localhost .
ObjectEquals Identifies any conflict between CFC instances on the client and the server.
ObjectLoad Load an object from a binary object.
ObjectSave Converts a ColdFusion array, CFC, DateTime object, Java object, query, or structure into a serializable binary object and optionally saves the object in a file.
PreserveSingleQuotes Prevents ColdFusion from automatically escaping single-quotation mark characters that are contained in an expression. 
SessionGetMetadata Returns  meta data  related to the current session.
URLSessionFormat Depending on whether a client accepts or does not accept cookies, this function appends or does not append required client identification information to a URL.
WriteDump Outputs the elements, variables and values of most kinds of CFML objects. Useful for debugging.
WriteLog Writes a message to a log file.
WriteOutput Appends text to the page-output stream.
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