Loads a serialized ColdFusion array, CFC, DateTime object, Java object, query, or structure into memory as the corresponding object.


The deserialized ColdFusion object, such as a CFC or a query object.


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A binary object returned by ObjectSave function.


A string specifying the path to a file containing a serialized complex object, such as a query or CFC, or a variable that is a serializable binary representation of a complex object. This parameter must be the name of a file or an object returned by the ObjectSave function.


This function is useful for handling dynamic data that has a relatively long period of usefulness and takes substantial time or resources to obtain. It lets you save the data in a file and use it in multiple application instances. For example, you can create a CFC that stores a query that takes long time to run and retrieves infrequently updated data. If you use the ObjectSave function to initially save the CFC as a file, you can then deserialize the CFC file on future application starts and improve application performance.


<h3>Loading and saving an object.</h3> 

<!--- Create the component object. ---> 
<cfobject component="tellTime" name="tellTimeObj"> 
<!--- Save the component object to a file. ---> 
<cfset ObjectSave(tellTimeObj, "data.out")/> 
<!--- Load the component object again. ---> 
<cfset ObjLoaded = ObjectLoad("data.out") > 
<!--- Invoke the methods from loaded objects. ---> 
<cfinvoke component="#ObjLoaded#" method="getLocalTime" returnvariable="localTime"> 
<cfinvoke component="#ObjLoaded#" method="getUTCTime" returnvariable="UTCTime"> 
<!--- Display the results. ---> 
<h3>Time Display Page</h3> 
Server's Local Time: #localTime#<br> 
Calculated UTC Time: #UTCTime# 

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