Gets ancestor tag names, starting with the parent tag.


A comma-delimited list of uppercase ancestor tag names, as a string. The first list element is the current tag. If the current tag is nested, the next element is the parent tag. If the function is called for a top-level tag, it returns an empty string. If an ancestor does not expose data (see GetBaseTagData), its name might not be returned.


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See also

GetBaseTagDataHigh-level data exchange in the Developing ColdFusion Applications


This function does not display the following tags or end tags in the ancestor tag list:

This function displays the following tags only under the following conditions:

  • cfloop: if it uses a query attribute
  • cfoutput: if at least one of its children is a complex expression
  • cfprocessingdirective: if it has at least one other attribute besides pageencoding


<!--- This example shows the use of GetBaseTagList function.
Typically used in custom tags. --->
<cfif thisTag.executionMode is "start">
<!--- Get the tag context stack
The list will look something like "CFIF,MYTAGNAME..." --->
<cfset ancestorList = GetBaseTagList()>
<br><br>Dump of GetBaseTagList output:<br>
<cfdump var="#ancestorList#"><br><br>
<!--- Output current tag name --->
<cfoutput>This is custom tag#ListGetAt(ancestorList,1)#</cfoutput><br>
<!--- Determine whether this is nested inside a loop --->
<cfset inLoop = ListFindNoCase(ancestorList, "cfloop")>
<cfif inLoop>
Running in the context of a cfloop tag.<br>


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