Depending on whether a client computer accepts cookies, this function does the following:

  • If the client does not accept cookies: automatically appends all required client identification information to a URL
  • If the client accepts cookies: does not append information
    This function automatically determines which identifiers are required, and sends only the required information. It provides a more secure and robust method for supporting client identification than manually encoding the information in each URL, because it sends only required information, when it is required, and it is easier to code.


A URL; if cookies are disabled for the browser, client and session data are appended.


Other functions; Maintaining client identity in the Developing ColdFusion Applications

Function syntax






URL of a ColdFusion page


If the detected cookie is not turned on, or cookie support cannot be reliably detected. And if the J2EE sessions form of session variable management is enabled in the ColdFusion Administrator, the function return value is as follows:

myactionpage.cfm;jsessionid=xxxx (a semicolon is used instead of a question mark)

If the detected cookie is not turned on, or cookie support cannot be reliably detected, and if ColdFusion session management is used, the function return value is as follows:



Note: J2EE session management is used - Both Enable Session Variables and Use J2EE session variables are checked in the ColdFusion Administrator.

ColdFusion session management is used - Only Enable Session Variables is checked in ColdFusion Administrator (default).



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