What's new in Adobe Premiere Elements 15

Your life is full of family activities and special events—and you shoot video to capture them all.
Adobe Premiere Elements 15 simplifies the organizing and editing so you can have fun creating
and sharing great-looking movies. Find clips fast, add style with effects and music, and share on
disc, HDTV, Facebook, and YouTube.

Video Collage

 New in Adobe Premiere Elements 15

Bring collages to life.

Collages are creative way to share your memories and tell the story at once. Photo Collages are the most popular creations in this category and we are now bringing you Video Collage in Adobe Premiere Elements 15.
Create dynamic collages with photos & videos. Choose from a variety of designs & layouts, arrange the media as per your needs, and finally choose how you want the videos in collage to be played. Perfect for sharing on Facebook, YouTube, and other social sites.

Create video collage with photos and videos.

For more information, see Video Collage.

Haze Removal

 New in Adobe Premiere Elements 15

Hazy landscapes? Make every shot look sharp in seconds!

Cut through the haze and fog in your videos with the Haze Removal feature in Adobe Premiere Elements 15. Take landscape videos without having to worry about the haze on even a clear day - just select the video and process it with the Auto Haze Removal feature. For additional enhancements, including varying levels of sensitivity to haze, try it manually.

Remove haze and fog in your videos.

For more information, see Haze Removal.

Music Remix

New in Adobe Premiere Elements 15

Remix music to the perfect length

Remix any audio clip or MP3 file to match the length of your video. Just drag the trimming handles and your audio clip is automatically adjusted to your target duration.

Music Remix creates a natural sound, so you never lose the soul of your audio.

Remix music automatically.

For more information, see Music Remix.

Adjustment Layer Guided Edit

New in Adobe Premiere Elements 15

Easily create a signature look

Apply same adjustments or effects to multiple clips in one go and create similar effect across these clips by adding an Adjustment Layer Guided Edit. To add an adjustment layer, go to Guided mode > Video Adjustments > Add an Adjustment Layer.

Add an Adjustment Layer Guided Edit.

For more information, see Add an Adjustment Layer - Guided Edit.

Face Detection

Identify faces (close-up, single face, and group) in a clip with the help of the Face filter. Face filter is enabled by default and enhances several workflows, such as Favorite Moments trimming and Video Story workflow, to give you much better output. You can disable the Face filter from the Auto Analyzer Options under Preferences.

Pan & Zoom

Quick pan-and-zoom movies of people

Face frames have been added in the Pan & Zoom workflow for images only to automatically detect faces present in yourimage for better results. Now with Face Detection, it automatically highlights your favorite people.

Smart Trim

Trim the bad, keep the people.

Now with Face Detection, Smart Trim gives priority to footage of people when suggesting places to trim, so you’ll get a great movie of friends and family. With the addition of the Face Filter in Adobe Premiere Elements, you now have the option to use the interest slider along with the quality slider in the Smart Trim workflow. The combination of quality and interest sliders now give you a much better output.

For more information, see Trim clips.

Favorite Moment Trimming

Favorite Moments with favorite people

Now with Face Detection, Favorite Moments automatically finds the people in your videos and brings them front and center in fun, quick movies. With the Face filter enabled, the Favorite Motions trimming workflow now generates output that focuses on the movements as well as on People and give priority to close-ups and single/multiple faces.

For more information, see Mark and extract favorite moments.

Guided edits

Visually re-imagined for you!

Selecting which Guided edit to use is now easier with the new interface. In Guided mode, you can now choose the type of adjustment you want to apply to your video - Basics, Video Adjustments, Audio Adjustments, or Fun Edits. Choose one of the types of edits and view a graphical listing of all the Guided Edits available in that category.  

for more information, see Guided mode.

eLive Search

Need help? Find your answers directly from the eLive room. Adobe Premiere Elements 15 enables you to search for eLive content, help pages, and troubleshooting knowledgebase articles from within eLive room.

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