Users having admin access to one or more Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions do not get automatically provisioned with admin rights on Marketing Cloud account. To get provisioned as a Marketing Cloud admin, kindly contact an existing admin in your company to have the access set up for you.

Additionally, having Marketing Cloud admin rights does not provision a user to have admin capabilities inside individual solutions like Adobe Analytics or Adobe Target.

Once set up as an Admin for the Marketing Cloud account, you can access the ‘Administration’ section and manage users and permissions.

If you are unable to access any solution or option through the Marketing Cloud, following could be the probable reasons that can happen: 

    1. Your solution is not linked to the Marketing Cloud

    2. You are not provisioned on that particular solution

    3. You are not added to the user group with the required permissions

To add yourself to the user groups, login to Administration > Enterprise Dashboard > Group Management.

If you want to publish a segment to the Marketing Cloud, enable the report suite containing the segment for Marketing Cloud access. 

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