To set up a hierarchy in DTM, use the following example: 

Hierarchy 1 Example: 

s.hier1 = "value1|value2|value3....."

This example would translate directly into the DTM UI fields for hierarchy:  

image2014-11-18 14_13_3

The hierarchy can be configured globally at the tool level, or conditionally at the rule level. There is an option to place the direct value in the UI fields. There is also the option to leverage data elements to dynamically populate these values. To dynamically populate the value, use the % syntax as described in the following link under 'Data Element Usage':



image2014-11-18 14_13_40

The UI in DTM only accommodates four values. If more than four values are needed in a single hierarchy, use the custom code section to set the hierarchy. It can be done in either the global Adobe Analytics editor or conditionally in the rule level Adobe Analytics editor. If custom code is required, the data elements can be used, but the syntax changes as follows:

s.hier1 = _satellite.getVar('dataElement1')+'|'+_satellite.getVar('dataElement2').

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