The methodology for testing unpublished rules in DTM varies based on the type of hosting used. The type of hosting can be viewed from within the 'embed' tab in the property.

If Akamai hosting is used, then testing can be done from the web console.

    Testing with DTM Switch Plug-in:

    Testing can be most easily accomplished by leveraging the DTM switch plug-in discussed here:

    Testing manually in the console

  1. On the site, open the web console and type in ‘localStorage.setItem(‘sdsat_stagingLibrary’, true)’ and hit enter. 
  2. Then, type in ‘_satellite.setDebug(true)’ and hit enter. 
  3. Refresh the page to load the staging library. 
  4. Set the debugger to show details of all available (published / unpublished) rules firing on the page will be shown in the console. This only has to be done once per visit, so the staging library and debugger will remain enabled as you move through your site. 
  5. The staging library can be turned off by typing in ‘localStorage.setItem(‘sdsat_stagingLibrary’, false)’ and refreshing the page.

If using library download, FTP delivery, or there isn't a testing environment available, testing unpublished rules can be more difficult. The easiest approach is to use a Proxy tool such as Charles to dynamically replace the production DTM code snippet with the staging DTM code snippet.



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