A forbidden error could mean one of two things. Follow these troubleshooting steps to determine which one applies:

  1. Verify the full s_code is included in the Adobe Analytics tool in the DTM property. To verify, click the gear icon next to the Adobe Analytics tool in the DTM property and expand the 'Library Management' section. If the radio button under Code Configuration indicates 'custom', click 'open editor' to ensure the s_code is included in the text box that opens. If the drop-down under 's_code' indicates 'url', make sure that the location is identified in the 'HTTP://' or 'HTTPS://' boxes beneath this setting. If no s_code seems to be included, then that is the issue. The s_code must be present in order for Adobe Analytics to work as expected.
  2. Verify that the tool is published. If the s_code is appropriately referenced in the tool settings, then the changes may not be published in the tool. To check, go to the 'History' tab in the property and look for any unpublished changes to the tool. If it doesn't appear the tool has been published yet, then that is the issue. 



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