The error 'SATELLITE: Command writeHTML failed' typically indicates one of two things:

  • The first potential issue is not implementing or mis-implementing the DTM footer / page.bottom() call. Step 1 is to check the page code and verify that the DTM embed code is placed appropriately. The header code is added in the <head> tag and the footer code is added before the /body tag.
  • The second potential issue involves deploying a script via the 'third party / Java Script' section of a rule. This error could appear if the script is trying to write to the page, but is set to load too late to fire. If this error is occurring right after a specific rule fires in the console, then check the rule for a script. The error typically occurs when using sequential HTML with an 'Onload' or 'DOM Ready' load order. If it is found to be the case, change the rule to load at an earlier phase, or change the script to load non-sequentially.



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