This document lists commonly found Forms Manager problems and their resolutions. Check this document before posting issues on the Forums or call Adobe Support.

For more information on understanding logs using the Adobe® LiveCycle® error codes, see Error Code Reference.

Issue Reason Resolution
Why does my form display but not render in Forms Manager or Forms Portal? Form contains special characters in form and application names

Consider the use some special characters based on the following scenarios:

  • A form with [ or ] (opening or closing square brackets) in its name does not upload to Forms Manager.
  • A form with ; (semicolon) or # (number sign) in its name does not render in Forms Manager or Forms Portal.
  • A form with % (percent sign), & (ampersand), ^ (caret), ` (grave accent), or { or } (opening or closing curly braces) in its name renders in Forms Manager but not in Forms Portal.
The Forms Manager user interface is not rendered on opening the URL http://[server]:[port]/lc/fm. The user may not have sufficient privileges to access Forms Manager. Log out and log in with a user account that has Forms Manager Administrator role.
Forms Manager user interface is not shown properly and only a part of it is visible. Forms Manager user interface uses HTML5 and not all browsers support HTML5. See the list of supported browsers and their version for your platform.
After logging in to Forms Manager, no assets are visible.

The user does not have sufficient CRX™ permissions to read the assets.

  1. Browse to CRX/de.
  2. Log on to CRX with appropriate privileges.
  3. Make sure that the user who work with Forms Manager has access to the path in CRX that is configured as Root Node.
CRX is out of sync with LiveCycle. In such a case, an on-demand synchronization is required.

Note: After installation, the user manually synchronizes at least once to see the assets.
Trigger on-demand synchronization of forms following the steps in Forms Manager Synchronization. Wait for some time for the next run of the synchronization scheduler (default period is three minutes), and then refresh the Forms Manager interface to see the listed assets.
If both the above solutions do not work Check the log file for errors. This log file is at [LC_root_folder]/crx-repository/logs/error.log
Assets are partially uploaded or the forms do not render as desired A large LCA upload quits because the transaction times out. Do an on-demand synchronization to synchronize the asset. Alternatively, increase the transation time out period in server configuration and re-upload.
Assets do not get updated User may not have write permission on the LiveCycle repository or otherwise the activation date/deactivation date entered by the user is incorrectly filled leaving it invalid. As a result, while saving, an error occurs for activation/deactivation date aborting the save in between. Verify if the user has write permissions on the LiveCycle repository.

If the user has the required privileges, check the error logs in the [LiveCycle installation folder]/crx-repository/logs/error.log  for the cause of the error and fix it.
Make sure that if the user is using activation /deactivation date, the user explicitly selects the date using the calender control even if the required date is appearing by default and is selected.
Upload button is not enabled. The Upload button is not enabled in the folder content listing screen inside a folder. To enable the Upload button, select the folder in which you want to upload forms. For example, to upload forms inside App1/1.0/myfolder folder, browse to 1.0 folder, select myfolder, and click Upload.
An asset created using Workbench is not visible in Forms Manager. The asset may not be checked in. Check in the asset.
Forms Manager DSC component may not be installed and running. Make sure that Forms Manager DSC is in running state. The user can check this in the Components tab using LiveCycle Workbench.
Adobe LiveCycle Forms Manager Core Bundle may not be running in OSGI Console. Access http://[server]:[port]/lc/system/console/bundles to check if Adobe LiveCycle Forms Manager Core Bundle is not running. Start the bundle if it is not running already.
Applications contained in an LCA imported through Administration Console are not visible. The application is not synchronized. Wait for a few minutes. A scheduler runs every three minutes (default frequency) to synchronize the applications.
Forms Manager DSC component may not be running. Start the Forms Manager DSC, and trigger an on demand synchronization from the Forms Manager user interface.
Form is not getting rendered properly. The assets may be out of sync. If the user is trying to render a form that is missing on LC, rendering fails.
Trigger an on-demand sync from the Forms Manager user interface, then wait for the scheduler to sync the assets to LC, and then try to render the assets that you can see in the Forms Manager user interface.
Search does not return expected results. Trying to run a query where the expected result is not exactly EQUAL to the value provided but CONTAINS the query string. Use a proper regular expression to run the query. For example, to look up 'MyDemoForm.xdp' using search string 'Demo', the user provides Demo in the query.
Trying to search assets using "description" or "name" field with not case sensitive values. The query string is case sensitive. Use a proper case formatted string to look up forms using "description" and "name."
Gets the following error:
/lc/content/Forms Manager.html in /libs/sling/servlet/errorhandler/404.jsp after login to Forms Manager.
User does not have the required permissions.
Ensure that the user has required permissions to access the component. Only a Forms Manager Administrator can access Forms Manager.