Sharing forms in developer scenarios

There are multiple ways to share and move assets from one developer to another or from one node to another during the development or staging process. However, the method in this article is recommended for moving forms using Forms Manager.

ZIP download

Use Forms Manager to import forms on a server only when multiple form designers, working on the same server, share forms offline. Designers can use the downloaded ZIP to work on the forms and re-upload the forms to the server.


Do not use Forms Manager user interface to download and share forms, if form designers are working on different server instances.


In this mode of transfer, some of the meta properties, such as tags, scheduled activation or deactivation time, or render-and-submit profile sometimes get lost or overwritten, though XML metadata is retained.

LCA import and export using Workbench

To move assets from one instance to another for development or from development to staging to production, developers can use standard LCA export and LCA import route. This method retains all meta properties of the nodes. While using this mode, ensure that the tags and Root Folders value are same on the source and target nodes.


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