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Set canvas size

Learn to set the size of your document canvas and control the size of the output image

Dimension’s primary output is an image, and like most applications, the size of your image is determined by the size of your document canvas. 3D is a resolution-independent media, so you can render the same content at many different resolutions and aspect ratios without having to change your assets.

Set the document canvas size in dimension CC
Set the document canvas size to control the size of the output image

Set the document canvas size

  1. With the Select and Move Tool, click the canvas size label or border to select the canvas.

    Select the canvas in Dimension CC
    Select the canvas

  2. Click the canvas border handles to resize the canvas dynamically.

    • When you drag the border handles without using any keyboard modifiers, the canvas resizes non-uniformly. 
    • Hold Shift to constrain the resize proportions.
    • Hold Alt to resize proportionally toward the center of the canvas.
    Resize the canvas dynamically in Dimension CC
    Resize the canvas dynamically

  3. In the Properties panel, you can input canvas size width and height at specific values.

    Compute canvas size in Dimension CC
    Compute canvas size in the Properties panel

  4. Use the Units property to change the canvas size units between pixels, inches, or centimeters.

    Use the Resolution setting to set a print resolution in pixels/inch or pixels/centimeter.

    Choose the canvas size units and output resolution in Dimension CC
    Choose the canvas size units and output resolution

What does canvas size affect?

Each Dimension scene has one canvas size that is used for all rendered images. It’s important to note that bookmarked camera views do not retain separate canvas sizes.

When publishing your scene to the web using the Publish 3D Scene (Beta) feature, the canvas size is reflected as an aspect ratio, but the size displayed to the viewer varies for different browsers and screen sizes.

Video tutorials

  • Move the view: Learn how to move the view and adjust your canvas size in Adobe Dimension.
  • Make selections: Master making selections with these Dimension selection tips.


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