Use the document to learn about notifications in Adobe Story CC (Classic)


Adobe ended the Adobe Story CC service on January 22, 2019. Both Adobe Story CC and the Adobe Story CC (Classic) are discontinued. The Adobe Story CC offline application has also ended. See End of service FAQ for more information.

In Adobe Story, notifications are messages used to provide information on shared documents/projects, and the comments and edits posted on them. While comments and edits are displayed to other users almost instantly, a notification on comments is sent only after a user closes the document.

Notifications for offline documents are sent when you switch Adobe Story to the online mode. If you switch to the online mode just after signing in to the offline mode, offline notifications are sent when you open any document.

If any shared document is open when you switch to online mode, notifications are sent when you close the document.


Only the most recent 500 notifications in an account are displayed.

Notifications menu

Users receive a notification when:

  • A document/project is shared with them.

  • The author stops sharing a document/project with the user.

  • Their role has been modified.

  • A document is added/deleted from a shared project.

Authors/co-authors receive a notification when:

  • A shared document is edited.

  • (Authors only) Users accept or reject a shared project/document.

  • Users comment on the shared document.

  • When a user restores an earlier version of a document as the latest version.

View notifications and comments

  • The latest five notifications are displayed in the notification menu. Click See All Notifications at the end of the menu to view all notifications.

  • To view a comment, click View Comment in the notification. The document containing the comment opens. Click the comment in the Comments panel to move to the location of the comment.

  • To open a document edited by another author, click View Document in the notification.

Notifications panel

The Notifications panel is displayed when you select See All Notifications at the end of the Notifications menu.

  • To view a comment specified in the notification, select the notification, and click View Comment.

  • To view content edited by another author, select the notification, and click View Document.

  • To mark a notification as read, select the notification. To mark all notifications as read, click Mark All As Read.

  • To delete a notification, select the notification, and click Delete corresponding to the notification. To delete all notifications, click Delete All.

  • To navigate notifications, use the Newer and Older buttons in the panel. The buttons are enabled when you have more than 20 notifications in the panel.

  • To sort columns, click their column headings.

Notifications for edited documents

When you click the link in an e-mail received for edit notification, the related document opens in Adobe Story. The edit notification toolbar provides the name of the author who edited the content, and also, the total number of changes in the document.

Edit Notifications toolbar

You can perform the following tasks using the edit notifications toolbar:

  • Navigate among changes using the arrow icons. When traversing through changes, the type of change is displayed in the toolbar.

  • Compare the document with the previous version using the Compare button. Comparing the edited document with the previous version helps you detect deleted and updated content.

E-mail notifications

Notifications are automatically sent as e-mails to users when:

  • The author modifies their permissions by changing their role.

  • Author shares a document.

  • A collaboration request for a document is accepted or rejected.

  • A document is edited and closed, or comments are posted on a document.


Notifications on edits and comments are sent only after the user closes the document.


Ensure that you enable Send e-mail Notification when sharing a document.

For content updates and comments, the e-mail contains a link to the location in the document containing the update or comment.

The language used in the e-mail depends on the locale in which you are logged in. For example, if you have logged into the application in the French locale, notifications are sent in French.

Disable e-mail notifications

  1. Select Edit > Preferences, or click Preferences in the menu bar.

  2. In the Preferences dialog, select Notifications.

  3. Select No in the option asking you whether you want to receive e-mails for notifications.

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