Adobe Acrobat Sign Release Notes - 2019

Adobe Sign Release Notes: 2019

Immutable Audit Reports

With this release, the new immutable audit report has been deployed to all tiers of service.

Included in this change, the time stamp for all events are set to to a YYYY-MM-DD format with a GMT time zone.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID


4036211 Improved filter functionality when searching on the Manage page
4193226 Fixed a problem where text tags in a Mega Sign transaction would error by not identifying Signer2 fields during send time
4194228 Fixed a problem where help requests for some shards were redirecting to the Login page
4212732 Corrected an issue where older events were returned when "onlyShowLatestEvent": true
4215910 Fixed an issue where replaced recipients with phone authentication were generating errors after delegation.
4227813 Improved the signature block to accommodate long email values
4231847 Fixed a conflict between users with Display Email configured, and digital signature fields
4232304 Corrected an issue where read only fields were not being included in the form data when field data was exported
4233232 Corrected a field conflict when the library I-9 and W-9 were sent in one transaction
4235332 Improved the mobile app to better manage headers and scroll bars
4235631 Corrected a problem that blocked SAML authentication when using Google G-Suite as the IdP
4235739 Corrected an issue where navigation options were being exposed when noChrome = true
4237020 Fixed an error that was prompted when a sharee in advanced sharing attempted to edit an expiration date
4237283 Improved the text content on the Manage page for the Dutch language
4238201 Corrected a problem where prefill field data was being exported incorrectly on reports
4238612 Fixed a problem where the redirect URL was not being honored when the Oauth dialogue page expires
4238667 Fixed an error that would prompt when a recipient was delegated three times
4239560 Corrected an error in workflow designer that would error if a recipient had an apostrophe in the email value
4239632 Corrected an issue where an error could prompt when reviewing an agreement history on the manage page
4239674 Fixed a problem that could cause Widget details to not be viewable on the manage page
4239678 Improved Phone authorization customization 
4239823 Enhanced GDPR tools to better retrieve older agreements
4239868 Improved system latency when attaching documents during prefill in advanced account sharing
4239872 Improved error handling when signing widgets
4240303 Improved responsiveness in the mobile signing experience

Resolved Issues

Issue ID



Corrected UI for PIN and OTP screen not showing properly on mobile.


Improved the description for the Cancel and Delete Agreement help icons


Corrected a date format for field validation


Fixed the File section to show properly in the New Custom Workflow UI.


Corrected a problem in some accounts where the Allowed Recipient Roles feature was not being displayed


Corrected a problem where adding form fields with API v6 to an agreement with 2 parallel approvers and 1 signer added a signature block for the signer


Fixed a problem where a message sent using the Korean language could not be signed using the Mobile option.


Corrected an issue where documents under the Cancelled/Declined queue were getting an error "The details for this agreement cannot be displayed at this time."


Fixed a problem where the recipient was not receiving the SMS for using the mobile option for the signature.


Fixed a problem where calling PUT /agreements/{agreementId}/formFields with null values prompted a Generic error (server 500 error)


Fixed a problem where making the PUT /agreements/{agreementId}/state API endpoint intermittently generated a "MISC_SERVER_ERROR"


Corrected an error where the width and height of the fields in a template were not getting saved


Fixed a problem where some incorrect "Widget verification email" were sent to the Widget signers.


Fixed a problem using phone authentication from the embedded Send page in the Ariba integration


Fixed a problem where BAD_REQUEST errors were triggered while making POST/Widgets and POST/Agreements call through REST Swagger application


Fixed a situation that would allow the Agreement name field to auto fill with sender's email address while using a Chrome Browser


Corrected an error that prompts when clicking a multi-file DigSig Agreement signed with multi-file download enabled


Fixed a problem with postSign redirectUrl not working in POST /megaSigns


Corrected a timeout issue when calling GET agreements/agreementId/documents API


Corrected an issue where the "Last Login" in "User Settings" shows the login time of the admin instead of the user.


Corrected an issue where KBA/ PhoneAuth consumption was not updated in SOUP.


Fixed a problem when the sender occupies multiple recipient slots in one transaction


Fixed an issue where Widgets without a shard prefix were not rendering properly in the browser


Fixed a problem where agreements generated through Live Sign show a lag on the Accept button when accessed via mobile device


Changed the Czech localization for Smluvu to Souhlas in Czech emails


Fixed an intermittent Acrobat "hang" errors when access to a timestamp service is not available

Resolved Issues

Issue ID



Fixed a problem where the authorization URL (for OAuth processes) wouldn't work when the SAML mode was set to Mandatory 


Corrected a delay in new Workflows being populated into the Workflow pick list.


Corrected an issue with Image based signatures showing a time/date stamp in the signing interface


Corrected an issue in v5 API where reminders were not triggering for Mega Sign transactions


Corrected an issue where "pinch to zoom" was not working on Android tablet devices


Improved the ticketing system to manage user email changes more gracefully

Web forms (Previously Widgets)

Widgets” have been renamed to “Web Forms”. All references to Widgets in the UI have been changed. The overall structure and function of the Web Forms page is the same.

April 2019- Web forms

Home page (Previously the Dashboard)

The “Dashboard” page has been renamed to “Home”. All references to the Dashboard page have been renamed.

April 2019 - Home tab

Home page format

A new Home page has been created and is optionally available. This new home page is designed to better expose the most common functionality and suppress clutter that many users don’t use.

  • Initial deployment includes individual and team service levels only.
    • The option to use the new format will be made available to additional tiers of service as functionality is layered into the page to support more advanced features.
  • Free, individual, and team accounts created prior to the release will have an on-screen option to switch between the new format and the classic format
    • New accounts have the new format available only

More details on the new Home page format can be find here >

April 2019 - New Home Page Format

Manage page format

A new Manage page has been created and is optionally available. This new manage page is designed to better retrieve and filter a user’s content.

  • The new Manage page format is being introduced in a phased roll-out. This release exposes the core functionality. Future releases will layer in additional functionality. Elements not supported in this initial phase include:
    • Account Sharing
    • Granular Web Form review
    • Granular Mega Sign review
  • Individual and team accounts created prior to the release will have an on-screen option to switch between the new format and the classic format in early June. 
    • Business and enterprise customers will have additional controls in the admin UI to make the new manage page available. 
      • Controls to the new Manage page experience for existing customers will be delayed until early June.
    • New accounts have the new format available only

More details on the new Mange page format can be found here >

April 2019 - Manage page

View Agreement page

The “new” View Agreement page (introduced in the June 2018 release) has become the default value for new accounts, and the control element in the Admin interface has been removed. Accounts that wish to change the View Agreement page version can contact their success manager to have the setting edited on the back-end

  • The new View Agreement page is enabled by default with the new Manage page experience


Digital Signature settings

The admin settings that control digital signatures have been broken out into their own tab in the Admin list of settings.

April 2019 - Digital Signature tab

Updated Admin menu

Several updates have been added to improve an admins ability to manage users and control access to features:

  • Improved User management – Admins can directly control the user profile elements for users under their purview. Including changing Name, Company, Title as well as starting the process to change their email address

More details on User management can be found here >

April 2019

  • Account/Group control over Fill & Sign, Mega Sign, Web forms, and Library templates – Advanced methods of document generation have been added to the Admin controls for the interface, allowing admins to enable the access points for Web forms, Mega Sign, Library templates, and Fill and Sign at the account and/or Group levels.
    • Existing accounts will be grandfathered to maintain the same experience (in terms of access) that existed prior to the release

Follow the below links to learn more about:

April 2019- access controls

Download split documents

Agreement that are created from multiple uploaded files can download the whole agreement PDF, or the individual files from the Manage page.

April 2019

Improved field detection

Automatic field detection has been improved to better understand the fields that are near a signature field, and better predict the nature of those fields. (e.g.: If a field is anticipated near a signature field, and it aligns behind text that suggest a “date”, then a Date field is placed instead of a simple Text field.)

More details on automatic field detection >


Expanded feature set

Tiers of service below enterprise have added some of the extended functionality:

  • Business
    • The Payment field has been made available
    • Form Filler has been added to the available recipient roles
    • Authoring enabled by default for new accounts; existing accounts are grandfathered into their current setting
  • Team
    • The new Home page format is enabled for new accounts; existing accounts continue to see the classic format. A switch between experiences is exposed for all accounts
    • Mega Sign has been made available to all accounts
    • Web Forms have been made available to all accounts
    • The Payment field has been made available
    • Advanced form fields have been made available. This includes attachments, calculated and conditional fields, advanced validations, and stamps/in-line images
    • Approver and Form Filler have been added to the available recipient roles
    • Alerts have been made available
    • Authoring enabled by default for new accounts; existing accounts are grandfathered into their current setting
  • Individual
    • The new Home page format is enabled for new accounts; existing accounts continue to see the classic format. A switch between experiences is exposed for all accounts
    • All individual users log on to the Home page
    • Authoring enabled by default for new accounts; existing accounts are grandfathered into their current setting
    • Free
    • Authoring enabled by default for all accounts


Digital Signature Experience Enhancements

  • Improved signer experience – The signature experience has been streamlined to reduce the number of dialog boxes for a signer. Review the configurable options here >
  • Individual "Cloud" and "Local" signature controls – Admins at the Account or Group level can allow or disallow the use of "Cloud" and/or “Local” signature certificates when recipients are applying a digital signature
    • Existing accounts have both settings enabled to ensure consistency of service after the update    
April 2019- allow local cert signature

  • Preferred CSC partner – Recipients see a link to create a new digital signature in the signing interface during the signature process. Admins can insert their own URL under that link that points to a custom page they own. This page can be used to guide signers in creating a digital certificate with your preferred vendor (or any other instructions/content you care to provide)
    • A different URL can be provided to internal recipients as needed
April 2019 - custom url for digital signature idp

Resolved Issues

Issue ID


4182083 Updated the audit log event for when an email is opened to say "Email viewed by [recipient]"
4208271 Corrected a problem where the Add Me link was inserting an incorrect string
4215863 Corrected a text error where the +61 country code was returning the wrong country name:
When sending an agreement, web form or delegating an agreement using REST API, a new field will appear in the Model - "countryIsoCode". It is under "phoneInfo" field and along with "countryCode" field it helps to determine which county we're setting for phone authentication (two countries can have same countryCode, such as US and Canada, and so we differ them by adding countryIsoCode's: US (for US) and CA (for Canada)).
4224881 Corrected an issue where agreements loaded from the Home page were rendering as blank
4229971 Fixed a state where agreements that had an in-line image would not reliable send the Signed and Filed email to the sender.
4232573 Corrected a situation where the "Required" indicator for a field would not disappear after filling in the field content
4233694 Fixed a state where an agreement would be incorrectly routed to the wrong section of the Manage page when the transaction completed successfully.
4234320 Corrected a problem in v5 REST where Only I Sign and Fill & Sign agreements would not return the agreementIDs
4234694 When modifying an existing agreement, the field recognition feature will now be available if user decides to go to authoring page. The field recognition feature will run assuming that the field recognition feature is turned on / available for the user.
4235050 Fixed a graphic issue where Borders on form fields are displayed differently on the signing page
4235155 Improved the navigation of the "Next Field" flag to better manage image field types.
4235452 Improved reporting to better reflect the status of agreements in a prefill state.
4235732 Corrected a problem where v5 REST was not consistently returning the document name using GET /agreements/{agreementID}/documents
4236359 Fixed and issue where the Signed and Filed email sent but not received if Password Protection is enabled
4236644 Fixed a problem where the Date format set to US could cause corruption in the date text
4237182 Improved the session management for DC users to ensure content opens correctly (vs. blank pages)
4238264 When calling "GET/agreements/{agreementId}" in REST v5, in the "description" field of the events it returns <firstname lastname (email)> instead of <firstname lastname>.
4239679 Fixed a display issue when using advanced account sharing, and the switched to user has content shared by a third party
4239688 Corrected an issue where the option to upload a signed copy was not available for custom workflows that included signer delegation
4239704 Fixed an issue where users were not able to export report data
4239823 Corrected a rare instance where an error would trigger when searching for an email address under the privacy tab
4240803 Fixed a problem with the Agreement status not updating correctly when delegated
4240809 Set name information associated with the Sender only Set will be persisted and will be returned in subsequent API calls. Also, the workflow will no longer be treated as Sender Sign First and custom behaviors of Sender Sign First workflow like landing to eSign page after Send, No Signature emails etc. will not longer get associated.
4240919 Improved documentation around 'MODIFYING_IMMUTABLE_FIELDS' when updating a user
4241489 Fixed an issue where users added through the admin console were not receiving their conflict emails if they encountered a cross-chard move
4241493 Corrected a problem where local signatures were not presented as an option for some digital signatures. Starting from 10.3 customers can configure agreements sent from a group to  apply digital signatures by downloading and signing with Acrobat only and not use cloud-based digital signatures.
4242208 Improved the Date field to allow for one recipient to have multiple, different dates associated in the same agreement
4243893 Corrected an issue where the internal users were not displaying the proper email in the audit report
4243953 A consistent digital signature field default dimension(width and height) is now used when creating an agreement with digital signature fields, regardless how the field is placed (Text tag vs. Drag and drop)
4244195 Corrected a shift in Time (seconds) in the time stamp on the signed document and Audit report when the signature reason is enabled
4244712 Fixed a problem where users were unable to send agreements using the Google Team Drive
4244858 Corrected a rare state that could cause a large number of Signed and Filed emails to be delivered to the same recipient
4245053 Fixed a problem where a delegated signer attempts to apply a written signature, and blocks the original signer from applying a signature.
4245178 Fixed a problem where digital signatures that use a reason for signature obscured the signature date.  
4247378 Fixed an issue where the active region of the guided navigation arrow extends beyond the icon
4247303 Fixed an issue where hyperlinks to specific pages were not working in the mobile application (Android and IOS).

Resolved Issues

Issue ID


4250978 Advance Account sharing: Unhandled Error when prefill on behalf of another user.
4247891 Updated Webhooks to allow better error checking on response body contents
4219151 Incorrect interpretation of apostrophe in message templates
4246162 Advanced account sharing group member error
4247842 Sender's emails are shown twice in the bar graph for reports
4244546 Intermittent problem with dropping reminders sent from SalesForce
4229436 Incorrect SAML redirect with deactivated Signer
4245529 Strengthened the rules for password reset to prevent brute force attacks
4246894 Intermittent form rendering delays when using embedded iframe on iPad.
4245453 Intermittent SSO sign on issue resolved
4232884 Update to honor the date format passed in 2 different date fields.
4246478 Character encoding fix for signing reasons
4221319 When downloading content from the Privacy Page audit report was not attached to digitally signed agreement

Manage page interface updates

The new manage page is a configurable component from the Account menu. This release delivers the ability to view and manage your Mega Sign and Web Form templates and agreements from this new manage page.

  • Mega Sign aggregate views: The new manage page allows for the full visualization of Mega Sign agreements both as the whole (parent) object, or as the individual (child) agreements (by clicking the Show Agreements option)
  • Web Form aggregate views: Just like the Mega Sign objects, the new manage page allows for the full visualization of Web Form agreements both as the whole (parent) object, or as the individual (child) agreements (by clicking the Show Agreements option)


Default date format for authored date fields

Admins can select the default date format for date fields that are added to templates via the Adobe Sign in-app authoring tool.

The default format is used unless a different format is explicitly set in the field properties/tag arguments.

default date format

Updated notifications for customers using document retention settings

Customers that have configured document retention settings for their agreements will see a new (expanded) message on their emails.

Signers are encouraged to download their own copy of the agreement prior to reaching the retention period of the account.

Retention message

Signer Identity Report

A new document object is being introduced to capture the signer identity information when Government ID is used.  This document is stored and accessed discretely.

Signer Identity reports persist in the Adobe Sign system with the other data of the transaction until it is removed by either retention or GDPR action.

Review the API documentation here >

Signer Identity Report


New Cloud Signature Consortium providers

New providers have been added to the Cloud Signature Consortium:

  • Universign
  • Trans Sped MSign
  • Finnish Trust Network(restricted)

Resolved Issues

Issue ID


4205952 Corrected an issue where the Samsung browser would not zoom correctly
4210358 Added in-app messaging to identify unassigned fields in parallel workflows
4220968 Fixed an issue where multiple text fields with Phone validation in an Acrobat form wouldn't retain the validation format
4235203 Improved system response when automatically adding signature pages to an agreement, pushing it over the page-count threshold
4239582 Corrected a condition where the Agreement status was not getting updated when all parties had signed the agreement
4242240 Corrected an issue with Widgets properly opening on I-phone 4/5 and I-pad Mini
4244922 Corrected an issue where shared accounts could not properly share individual agreements
4245080 Corrected an issue where File attachments in the widget would not line up in sequence after getting Signed
4245159 Fixed a "Invalid Custom Workflow Id" condition when one user tries to switch to  another user's account to send a workflow
4245566 corrected an issue where a Conditional field could disappear if signer was replaced by signing group using the API
4246638 Corrected a state that would cause an agreement to fail if a digital signature was delegated
4248174 Fixed a state for workflows that would fail if the transaction was initiated by switching to other user's account
4248543 Corrected an issue where using a CMYK color encoded jpeg image could prevent completing a signature
4248560 Improved the ability for Senders that are also "Certified Recipients" to cancel their agreements
4248836 Improved handling of apostrophes in email addresses
4249995 Corrected an issue where the incorrect date format was displayed when the Locale was set to the pt-PT locale (Portuguese Portugal)
4250288 Fixed a problem where the  Email Settings message would be reset to a default string when settings were adjusted from the back end.
4250448 Fixed a problem where form field fonts were not respecting individual field size values if they held the same field name
4250614 Improved form fields to better position the "Required" marker to not clip field content
4250618 Corrected an issue where the incorrect date format was displayed when the Locale was set to the pt-BR locale (Portuguese Brazil)
4250793 Improved the Adobe Sign logo positioning to prevent overlapping with "Sign in" option on mobile devices 
4250943 Corrected an issue where a replaced signer email would reflect the name of the previous signer
4251225 Fixed an issue where number formatting in text fields wasn't properly saving if the locale was set to Japanese
4251324 Corrected an issue where number formatted text fields would drop the negative sign if the first number in a string is 0
4251619 Improved SAML enabled functionality to allow admins to move users from the default group to their group
4251626 Corrected an issue with the License Provisioning flow for Sign on the common Adobe Admin Console
4251654 Improved the layout of reminders for Mega Sign transactions to ensure the content is always clear
4251890 Improved handling of files when attached from Google Drive.
4252596 Corrected a problem where reminder emails could be re-sent when the expiration date was changed
4252683 Fixed the Country Code on the Manage page when the language is set as German
4252873 Fixed and issue where individual account users were being added to enterprise accounts with elevated privilege
4253151 Fixed an issue where a Delegated signer would be presented with incorrect messaging when applying their signature
4253187 Fixed an issue with iOS devices that could prompt an "Unknown" (ext.) file error when downloading a signed agreement
4253876 Updated team and trial accounts to properly expose all advanced field options
4254263 Improved the Manage page and how agreements are displayed

New Settings


As part of the new updates to the Adobe Sign mobile app, there is a new setting that allows account admins to have the Download, Print, and Share PDF options disabled in the iOS mobile application for users in their organization.

  • Enterprise account admins that would like to suppress download, print, and sharing the PDF from a mobile device can contact their Success managers, and have the setting configured.



Customers that use custom workflows, and are experiencing recurring warnings due to mismatched document scopes, can have the error messages suppressed for users.

This does not solve the underlying issue around getting the documents into an authorized usage scope, but will allow users to continue to use the workflows without interruption while the admins work to align document permission levels to the groups that use the documents.

Admins that would like to suppress the error notifications can contact their Success managers and request the back end setting to be enabled.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID


4205798 Fixed an issue where the Comb property was not being applied to field data that was validated with a regular expression
4210348 Improved the tool tip for signature options when some options are suppressed
4230234 Improved the "Adobe Sign" authentication method to better route the recipient after authentication
4230920 Improved functionality of the Adobe Sign authentication method for accounts that authenticate directly to Adobe Sign
4244029 Corrected a problem where some parallel transactions would not invoke the Prefill stage when sending
4248866 Corrected an issue where customers that authenticate with a federated ID could be caught in a loop if Adobe Sign authentication is used
4249719 Corrected an issue where the Signed and Filed email could send two copies to the Automatic CC if the Send option was set to None
4249804 Improved the authentication experience for external signers that normally authenticate via federated ID and are prompted to use "Adobe Sign" authentication
4250273 Corrected an error state (for web forms) that could be entered if the account is set to authenticate internal signers via Adobe Sign authentication
4251029 Fixed an issue that could cause two agreements to be generated if the agreement is created via API, and the recipient has three levels (or more) of auto-delegation enabled
4251621 Corrected a state where agreements generated via Workflow with password set as the authentication method would throw an error
4251785 Corrected an issue where the date would not display correctly in the US format
4251873 Improved handling of replaced signers when the new recipient is also a CC'd party
4251941 Corrected an issue where a signature block could adopt a larger footprint after sending
4251964 Improved the Workflow designer Send page to match the generic Send page in terms of recipient validation, and how the methods are sorted
4252575 Improved time stamp consistency for recipients using digital signatures
4253218 Improved search functionality when the email contains an apostrophe
4253339 Fixed an issue where calculated fields would not function properly if they were dependent on conditional fields assigned to the "Anybody" role
4253448 Clarified email instructions for delegating an agreement
4253459 Corrected a problem where the private message was not properly delivered if the agreement was delegated via API
4253913 Corrected a state which Workflow agreements could enter and produce an error asserting the agreement was already modified
4254526 Improved report settings to better account for renaming/configuring  the default report and exporting the CSV
4254529 Corrected a problem where form fields with a default value could be corrupted is fetched via API
4254966 Improved the French localization in the Written Signature instructions
4255051 Corrected a grammatical error in the Reminder text on the Manage page for the Norsk:bokmal localization
4255321 Improved user messaging when attempting to log in to Adobe Sign, via SAML, for an inactive user
4255393 Corrected an issue where global delegation and signing authorities cause a change in setting values
4255932 Corrected an issue where some hidden workflows were exposed under the classic Home tab
4256316 Expanded access to webhooks for very old  Enterprise accounts
4257009 Improved hyperlink fields to no longer expect a recipient assignment


Resolved Issues

Issue ID


4203428 Improved the Date calculations to permit literal strings within the formatted output. 
4242619 Improved email communications to the first signer when the sender signs first, and the agreement is created via API
4248221 Fixed an issue where an expiration date defined in a custom workflow was using the Group level default setting instead of the explicit workflow setting.
4251201 Corrected a problem that could occur when a user promoted from Group Admin to Account Admin was not returning the full list of data when running a report.
4251596 Corrected an error that could trigger when using digital signatures with Mega Sign
4253608 Improved the rules for when authoring is permitted for custom workflows that include library templates.
4253866  The text on the "Send" button on the authoring page will now update to more appropriately reflect the user's role. For example, if the user is an Approver, then the text will update to "Approve, then Send".
4255031 Fixed an state that would cause an API "Get/agreements/id" call to return "MISC_SERVER_ERROR" 
4255875 Corrected a state where a hidden library template was still visible to other users in the same group as the template owner.
4256016 Improved advanced account sharing to allow more than 100 shares
4256152 Corrected an issue that would reset the selected Terms and Conditions setting to the default value if the account was modified on the back end.
4256393 Corrected an issue where Group admins would not see the option to include Workflows in their reports.
4256405 Fixed a workflow for API generated signing URLs to properly open the agreement vs the login page.
4256530 Fixed a problem where a logged in Admin could not set their email address as the auto-delegation value for their users
4256892 Improved the handling of API Webhook requests where the endpoint's GET response is 204 and the body has no content
4257173 Corrected a problem where users logged in as another party (via advanced sharing) could not access the audit reports for agreements
4257455 Improved logging of changes to groups when edited from the backend of the application 
4257786 Fixed an issue where an OAuth token could prevent the loading of the Access Tokens list.


Home page interface updates

Page Layout changes: The home page has been updated to further layer in features exposed in the classic format, and to better highlight the most common actions that are available to the user.

Click here for the full Home page feature list.

  • Start an agreement from the library: By clicking the Start from Library button, a tabbed pop-up is displayed, allowing the user to select either a library document or a custom workflow to start a new agreement.
Send form library

  • Links (Filters) to the Manage page: Along the top of the new Home page you will find two new links that lead to the most common Manage page queues:
    • In Progress – Agreements you (the user) are included in, but not waiting for your action
    • Waiting for you – Agreements that are waiting for your attention
Filters for Manage

  • Link to Events and Alerts – The events and alerts report can be accessed from the EVENTS AND ALERTS link (to the right of the Manage page filter links)
Events and alerts

Manage page interface updates

The new Manage page has been updated to add several more major features.

Click here to see a the full list of features available on the Manage page. 

  • Account Sharing: Account sharing is exposed on the Manage page, allowing users to filter their view to only show the contents of a shared account.
    • At the top left of the Manage page you will find a filter drop down.  The default value is Your agreements
    • Click the carrot next to Your Agreements to open the filter options.  You can select to view:
      • Your agreements - The default view that only shows the content you have created
      • All shared agreements - One table that is populated with all the agreements shared to you
      • Shared user accounts - Shows only the content shared by the selected user
      • Shared groups (Advanced Sharing) - Shows all of the content owned by a group and the users in the group
    • A search field is available at the top of the filter list which allows you to search for literal strings against all of the shared content

All returned content is sorted into the same categories as your default view of the manage page (eg: In Progress, Completed, Web Forms, etc) and all filters apply the same way.

Legacy account sharing on the new manage page

  • Improved Search functionality - The filters for searching can be found by clicking the Filter icon
    • When a filter is set, a tag displays indicating which filters are in place (Only hidden agreements, Last 24 hours, etc)
      • The filter can be removed by either changing the filter option or clicking the X to the right of the filter tag
    • Hidden content can be searched for by selecting the Show only hidden agreements filter 
      • The hidden agreements filter returns only the hidden content for the user
      • If no string is provided to search against, all hidden content is returned
    • The returned records are sorted into their appropriate Status (Completed, Canceled, etc) for agreements, or by type for the high volume parent-child templates (Web Forms and Mega Sign)
      • Returned "hidden" objects can then be viewed and unhidden as needed (see below)
Search for hidden objects

  • Web Form and Mega Sign “child agreement” counts: The Web Form and Mega Sign sections of the Manage page show the "Parent" object that generates all of the "child" agreements.  By selecting the parent object, you can quickly get an assessment of the progrss in the right rail, just under the Actions section:
Mega Sign Count

  • Unhide hidden content: Content that has been hidden from a user's view can be unhidden by finding the hidden object (eg: using Search for hidden content) and clicking Unhide {object}
    • Any object that can be hidden can be unhidden (agreements, web forms, mega signs)
    • Unhiding an agreement does not impact the signature cycle or status of an agreement in the system. 
    • Content that is unhidden becomes normal, viewable content in the user's view

Any link that brings you to hidden content will expose the option to unhide (eg: links in the Events and Alerts log)

Unhide Web Form

  • Search results – One table: Searching frequently returns content in multiple categories (ie: In Progress, Completed, Web Forms, Templates, etc). 

After a search, you will notice that a new option (All) appears at the top of the Status column.  The user can click the All link to show a view of all returned records in one table:

Search - All table

Individual (Status) filters can still be selected to reduce the data set.

Improved User Experience

  • Email Template redesign – To better support the increasing number of devices users access content through, the customer facing email communications have been refactored to elegantly adjust to any screen width dynamically.  
    • Content changes:
      • The agreement thumbnail has been removed
      • The subject line for request emails: 


Legacy String

New String

Request email - Subject line:

Please <Participant Action> <Agreement Name>

<Sender> requests your <Participant Action> on <Agreement Name>


Please Sign GlobalCorp Client Services Agreement

Casey Jones requests your signature on GlobalCorp Client Services Agreement

Confirmation email - Subject line:

<Agreement Name> between <Company Name> and <Signer Full Name>) is Signed and Filed!

You're done signing <Agreement Name>


GlobalCorp Client Services Agreement between Adobe and Jane Doe is Signed and Filed!

You're done signing GlobalCorp Client Services Agreement

  • Post-sign confirmation redesigned – In support of the email re-configuration, the post signing page has been refactored to give the same experience as the emails and signing pages.

New text tag directive

There is a new directive available for text tags to define the size of the field.

:dimension(width=XXnn, height=YYmm)

  • XX and YY are decimal based numbers, accepting up to 5 values after the decimal point
  • nn and mm are the increment types of the measurement.  Available increment types are:
    • pt - "Points" (like fonts) where 1pt=1/72 of an inch
      • If no increment type is provided in the tag, points are used by default
    • mm - Millimeters
    • cm - Centimeters
    • in - Inches

It is permissible to mix increment types eg: {{occupation_es_:signer1:dimension(width=3.5in, height=10pt) }}

Dimension directive


If the increment type is incorrect, or the :dimension directive is otherwise malformed, the tag ignores the directive and reverts back to sizing the field based on the curly braces.

Improved control over "Anyone" (unassigned) fields

Fields that have no role, or are assigned to "Anyone", can be filled by  any recipient in the signature cycle.

A field marked as "Required" must be filled in by the recipient. As a result, any field that is both Required and assigned to Anyone is effectiely a required field for the first signer.

A new control has been added to modify the behaivor of this combination of settings, making the field available to all recipients, but only required for the last.

You can enable this behavour as an admin at an account or group level.

This setting takes effect for all agreements created after the setting is changed. Agreements in process are not impacted.

Anyone field controls

Trusted & Secure Industry Leading Solutions

  • Additional CSC partners – Adobe Sign continues to make available services from leading trust service and identity providers for secure transactions, based on the open Cloud Signature Consortium specification. New and soon to be added vendors include:
    • D-Trust (Bundesdruckerei Group)
    • Digicert + QuoVadis
    • Digidentity
    • iDin
    • Itsme

Mobile App

  • Signing and Form filling redesign – The recipients view of the agreement on mobile devices has been improved to:
    • Better exploit the full screen space:
      • The page content expands to fill the screen edge to edge
        • This is rotation firendly between protrate and landscape modes
      • The header (with logos) collaspes (up) once the user interacts with the document    
        • Scrolling all the way up exposes the logo again
      • The private message has been moved to the More options menu
      • The title of the agreement has been removed from the header
    • Improve navigation between fields
      • The number of remaining required fields is more prominant in the center of the header
      • When the user clicks the Start button to begin filling in a form, two buttons replace the Start button with a forward and backward arror.
        •  These two buttons move the focuse back and forth between required fields
          • Optional fields are ignored
    • Enhance the visual identifications of required fields
    • Improved Fininsh mechanics
      • When all required fields are complete, the back and forth navigation arrows convert to a Finish button.
        • No additional visual real estate is consumed
      • The recipient can freely review the contents and resume editing if they need to make edits

Below is an example of the legacy interface on the left, and the new intrface on the right:

Mobile interface

  • Improved zooming – Zooming into the text of a document has been dramatically improved with two enhancements:
    • Smooth zooming: Directly zooming with a pinch gesture sizes the screen smoothly
    • Zoom with a double-tap: Double tapping the screen will snap between a fully zoomed in view, and the full width of the document

Experience changes

Menu text change: Events/Alerts changed to Notifications

The My Events/Alerts and Shared Events/Alerts in the user menu has been changed to My Notifications and Shared Notifications.

The functional aspects of the events and alerts system has not changed, only the menu text.

Events and Alerts text change

Experience changes

Resolved Issues

Issue ID


4233360 Corrected a problem where some agreements were not storing the CDS revocation
4243207 Fixed an issue where social ID for  Microsoft Live was failing
4244754 Fixed an issue that caused the email address to not fully display in the email field if the address was longer than the field is wide.
4250163 Corrected an email alignment issue with iOS
4251618 Improved the API's ability to gracefully return massive data sets
4251965 Improved error management for Document Visibility for cases where approvers have no fields.
4252603 Improved document sizing for mobile devices
4252794 Fixed a problem where the company logo could cover the Sign in button on mobile devices
4253971 Corrected a problem for the new Manage page when viewed by users in the nn_NO or nb_NO locales
4254549 Improved sorting functionality for library documents
4255042 Corrected a graphical issue with the dropdown arrow and the context menu for support on mobile devices
4255294 Improved the conversion of Japanese signatures to kanji
4255915 Fixed a problem on the new Manage page where downloaded agreements were not including the audit report
4255968 Re-indexed the agreement file for the new Manage page to ensure all meta data is  properly displayed on the page
4256171 Improved how the copywrite information is displayed on mobile devices
4256175 Corrected an issue with the options icon and auto save icon overlapping on mobile devices
4256403 Fixed a state where bouncing emails that trigger alerts could incorrectly identify the sender instead of the signer in the logged events
4256537 Fixed an issue with Archiving where the Max_Upload sized was being ignored, and the default was applied.
4256693 Fixed an issue where conditional fields would not operate correctly if a currency validation was applied
4257470 Fixed an issue where groups could not be deleted if redacted userIDs were associated to the group
4257753 Improved how CYMK images are accepted and rendered
4257789 Improved how SSO manages email addresses with an apostrophe
4257972 Fixed an issue where Max_Supporting_Document_Size was not honoring the inherited value
4258093 Fixed an issue where an updated expiration email could be sent to more recipients than the current one.
4258199 Corrected an issue where group level settings were not properly over-riding the account settings for signature reasons
4258355 Corrected a problem where external pending signers with Adobe ID authentication could see an error: Corporate sign-on is not enabled.
4258399 Fixed an issue where files sent via REST v5 API with Limited Document Visibility enabled could be seen by recipients that had no field authority on the file.
4258868 Improved SMS thru certain carriers that were stripping English characters out for mobile devices using a Norwegian locale.
4259038 Improved how bounced emails are managed when multiple bounces are encountered.
4259141 Corrected a problem where OAuth would not connect for applications that were not on the NA1 shard
4259167 Improved the way terminal agreements update on the manage page
4262428 Fixed a problem for advanced sharing on the new manage page where opening an agreement for view would throw an error
4262435 Corrected an issue where accounts without a hostname could be redirected to their home page when attempting to sign from the new manage page


Resolved Issues

Issue ID



Corrected an issue where free signers that must use Adobe Sign authentication could get stuck in an authentication loop


Corrected an issue where signers that are required to authenticate with Adobe Sign authentication, and who authenticate via a federated solution, might not be challenged for authentication when applying their signature


Fixed an issue that blocked replacing the current signer when using a customer workflow in the new experience


Corrected a problem where advanced account sharing limits could be adopt the basic sharing number of shares


Fixed an issue where group level admins could not edit the profiles for uses in their group


Fixed an issue where placing a multi-line field and then resizing the field would enlarge the text


Corrected an issue where Templates sent via REST  API v6 could prompt a MISC SERVER ERROR


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