This document lists some error scenarios you can encounter while sharing or viewing design specs along with workarounds for these errors. 

When 2x link fails after a succesful 0.5x link is created

2x link fails after a successful 0.5x link is created
2x link fails after a successful 0.5x link is created

This error can occur because of network issues. Try sharing the design specs again by creating a new link (not updating an existing link).

You may be unable to update a design specs links because of internet problems, or because the existing design specs link does not exist.

If you get the following error message:

The design spec previously published from this file no longer exists and could not be updated. Choose New Link to create a new Design Specs link.

This error occurs if the design specs has been deleted from Because there is no existing design specs to update, XD displays this error. 

To fix this issue, share your design specs with a new link.

If you get the following error message:

Error code 55
Error code 55

This error occurs if you try to update a link when the internet is disconnected. Check your internet connection and try again.

If you are an Enterprise user of XD and you do not have access to Adobe sharing services, you will not be able to create design specs links. Instead XD displays the following error message:

You do not have access to the sharing service. Contact your IT administrator to gain access.

To resolve this issue, contact your IT administrator and have them enable these services.

When you are unable to open link to a published design specs

If you have published a design specs, and are trying to open it using the Open Link option in XD, you may get the following error if the design specs did not publish correctly.

Your design spec did not finish uploading. Create a new public link below.

To fix this issue, try sharing the design specs again with a new link.

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