Enable/disable services for a product profile

When you assign a plan that includes storage and services, you can choose to enable or disable individual services for that product profile. Enabling and disabling services defines what the users of the product profile can or cannot access.


You can enable/disable services for an entire product profile, but not for specific users.

Make note of the following when enabling and disabling services:

  • If a user belongs to multiple product profiles or is entitled to multiple Single App plans within a product profile, and you enable a particular service for one plan and not the other, the user continues to have access to that service. The user is assigned a union of the entitlements.
  • A user with a Creative Cloud for enterprise plan that includes services may also have signed up, as an individual, for a Creative Cloud plan with an Adobe ID. The user continues to have access to any service that you disable for the Creative Cloud for enterprise plan, if the user's individual plan includes that service. This entitlement scenario also applies to users who may have a Creative Cloud trial plan that includes storage and services.
  • For a user working with desktop apps, enabling and disabling of services may only take effect when the user closes and reopens the app.
  • For a user working with a web service or a mobile app, enabling and disabling of services may only take effect when the user signs out and signs back in.

Creative Cloud users experience the best results when all services are enabled. If services are disabled, many functions within the Creative Cloud do not work.

Modify the Enabled Services list

While creating or editing a product profile, you can modify the list of services that are available to users of that product profile.

More specifically, while editing a product file, you work with the list of services displayed in the Enabled Services area and choose the ones to which you want the users of the product profile to have access.

Following are the detailed steps:

  1. While working on a Product Profile, click Settings in the upper left corner of the profile details page.

  2. Navigate to Enable Services.

    Edit Product Profile

  3. Update the enabled services for the product profile, and click Save.

Core Creative Cloud Services

Certain services are not displayed in the Adobe Admin Console, are core to the product function, and are always on with a plan that includes storage. Core services are not configurable. The following is a list of the core services:

  • File Syncing
  • Sync Settings
  • Collaboration
  • Storage
  • Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Color CC

For information on the services that can be enabled or disabled from within the Adobe Admin Console, see Optional services.

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