Adobe Presenter content doesn't appear in Share pod | Adobe Connect 8


Presenter content in Meeting Rooms in Adobe Connect 8 doesn't appear for all users. Those affected by this bug notice that in place of their Presenter content, they see one of the following:

  • a black screen, a white screen, or the slide background with no slide content
  • the Adobe Presenter "Loading" screen indefinitely
  • the wrong slide, and an inability to change slides


 Adobe plans to address this high-priority issue in an upcoming release of Adobe Connect. Until this time, try the following workarounds:

  • screenshare the presentation from Microsoft PowerPoint
  • import the presentation into Adobe Captivate 5 (or later), which supports ActionScript 3
  • publish the presentation to a PDF file using Adobe Presenter
  • reduce the use of layout changes and breakout rooms, as these are known to exacerbate this issue
  • reenter the Meeting Room

Additional information

This issue occurs intermittently, and isn't not noticed by all users in the Meeting Room. After extensive research, Adobe determed that this bug is caused by local connections from ActionScript 2 content to the ActionScript 3 based Share pod failing. (All content published via Adobe Presenter is ActionScript 2 content.) This failure appears to be caused by a shared memory issue in the Flash Player.

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