Get answers to common questions about cloud documents, Adobe's new document format.

Cloud documents and other cloud files

What are cloud documents?

Cloud documents are documents created from certain Creative Cloud apps, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Fresco, and Adobe Aero. These documents are native to the cloud and have unique advantages, which help you access them seamlessly from apps that support them. With Cloud documents, your work is always updated, across every device, wherever you are.

For an introduction to cloud documents, see What are cloud documents.

Can I use cloud documents offline?

Yes, you can use your cloud documents offline. You need to open a cloud document before you can use it offline. For more information, see Working offline with cloud documents.

All cloud documents are available from the Home screen of your Creative Cloud app, even when you are offline. Once you are back online, your cloud documents are synced and the most recent version is available on all your devices and the Creative Cloud website.

Can I save cloud documents to Creative Cloud Libraries?

You can't save cloud documents to Creative Cloud Libraries. Cloud documents are a new native file type that are accessible online or offline directly from within your app or through the Creative Cloud website. For more information, see See Difference between cloud documents and other Creative Cloud files.

Can I share and collaborate on a cloud document?

Adobe XD supports sharing and collaboration with co-editing features. For more information, see Share prototypes, design specs, and cloud documents

For Photoshop, Adobe Aero, and Adobe Fresco documents, you can generate a link to your cloud document and share it with other stakeholders. You can share the files from the Creative Cloud website. (Select the file and click the Share icon .)

What is the difference between cloud documents and other Creative Cloud files?

Saving documents and storage

How does autosave work in cloud documents?

With cloud documents, you don't have to keep saving your documents; your documents are automatically saved as you work on them. A new version is created each time a document is auto-saved. You can easily find and restore previous versions from the Your work section in the Creative Cloud website.

 Adobe XD does not support reverting to earlier versions.

Can I convert a non-cloud document to a cloud document?

Yes, you can easily save a non-cloud document as a cloud document. Click  File > Save as and select the appropriate option to save your document as a cloud document. The available options depend on your app and how you saved your previous document.

Save as cloud document in Adobe XD
Save as a cloud document in Adobe XD.
Save as a cloud document in Adobe Photoshop
Save as a cloud document in Adobe Photoshop.

 In Photoshop, you may see a different dialog box if you saved your previous document as a cloud document.

The new cloud document doesn't overwrite the existing file. It gets a new extension.

Is there a limit to the number of cloud documents I can save?

No, you are only limited by the amount of Creative Cloud storage you have.

Do cloud documents shared with me count toward my Creative Cloud storage quota?

Cloud documents shared with you don't count toward your storage quota. Only your saved cloud documents are included in your storage quota. 

Where are my cloud documents stored?

Your cloud documents are stored in Creative Cloud. You can easily access them from the Home screen of your app or from the Your work section on the Creative Cloud website

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