No Internet access? Learn how to make a cloud document available offline in Adobe Aero, Adobe Fresco, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe XD.

How to make cloud documents available offline

Before you work offline, you need to ensure that the current version is available on your device.

  1. Launch your Creative Cloud app (Adobe Aero, Adobe Fresco, Photoshop, or XD) on the device you plan to use offline.

  2. On the Home screen, click Cloud documents.

    Access cloud documents through the Cloud docs tab
  3. Do the following, depending on your app:

    • Adobe Aero and Photoshop: If the cloud document you want to edit offline displays the cloud icon , open it. Documents without the cloud icon  have already been downloaded to the cache on your device and are available to you offline. 
    Files not available to work offline
    • Adobe Fresco: If the cloud document you want to edit offline displays the cloud icon, tap the more options icon  on its thumbnail and select Make available offline.
    • Adobe XD: Open the document you want to edit offline. (Currently, Adobe XD doesn’t display the cloud icon  to denote its status.)

     In XD, you cannot work offline on coedited cloud documents.

  4. Close the cloud document and the app.

    Your cloud document is now available for offline editing. When you're back online, your updated document is automatically uploaded to Creative Cloud and is available across all your devices.

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