Adobe AIR auto-update FAQ

I just received a dialog box notifying me that a new version of Adobe AIR is available. What does this mean? 

A newer version of Adobe AIR has been downloaded and is ready to be installed. Periodically, Adobe updates Adobe AIR with new features or fixes to minor problems. The Automatic Notification and Update feature allows Adobe to automatically notify you when an updated version of Adobe AIR is available so that you can install it right away. 

Updates to Adobe AIR ensure that Adobe AIR works properly and may contain important changes for security. Adobe recommends that you update to the latest version of Adobe AIR whenever a new version is available, especially when a security update is mentioned. Although you may choose whether to receive automatic notification of updates, Adobe is not responsible for errors or security problems that occur because the version of Adobe AIR on your computer is not the most current one available. 

How does the Adobe AIR auto-update functionality work? 

By default, shortly after an AIR application is launched, the AIR runtime checks to see whether or not two or more weeks have passed since any prior update check. If so, it contacts Adobe to determine whether or not a new update is available. If an update is available, AIR will download the update in the background.

Once the runtime update is successfully downloaded, AIR will prompt the end user to install the update "Now" or "Later". If the user shuts down any currently running AIR applications (as prompted) and selects "Now", the update is applied immediately. 

If the user selects "Later", the update will be applied the next time an AIR application is launched and no other AIR applications are already running. (The latter requirement avoids the need to prompt the user to shut down those applications before installing the update.) The application will finish launching after update is complete.

Is it possible to disable Adobe AIR auto-updates? 

Yes. You can turn the AIR update feature on or off via the AIR SettingsManager application. The AIR SettingsManager application is available for download at

Adobe highly recommends that, if you disable automatic updates, you manually apply all runtime updates as soon as possible.

I installed or updated Adobe AIR and it tried to connect to Is that normal? 

Yes, the normal installation process for Adobe AIR includes connecting to to send basic information about the installation environment such as operating system version and language. This information is only transmitted once per installation or update and it allows Adobe to confirm that the installation was successful. No personally identifiable information is collected or transmitted. 

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