Use the document to learn about the properties for schedules in Adobe Story CC (Classic)

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

Story now has the following properties for schedules:

  1. Schedule name

  2. Schedule title

  3. Week number

The values of these properties are displayed in the scheduling reports. For example:

  • A shooting schedule report displays the week number in the header.

  • Studio Recording Order report displays the Schedule name property’s value in the episode number field.

Edit schedule properties

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

  1. In a schedule, select Edit > Schedule properties.

  2. In the Schedule Properties dialog, enter the values for the following:

    1. Schedule name: Enter a name of the schedule. Some reports display the value in this field as Episode number.

    2. Schedule title: Enter a description for the schedule.

    3. Week number: This is the week number in which the strips in the schedule are shot.