How does the approval process work? / How do rules get published in DTM?

DTM has a multi-step approval process. First, a change is funneled into an approvals queue where the details of the change can be viewed. The change can be viewed by clicking the 'Approvals' tab.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 12.26.36

Once approved by an Approver, Approver & Publisher, or Admin level user, the change goes into the publishing queue where it remains until published.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 12.30.49

To publish, an Admin, Publisher, or Approver & Publisher clicks 'Publish Property'. Once published the change is live. 

Screenshot 2016-01-29 12.30.15

A change is always available in the Staging Library regardless of it is approved or published. A change must be approved and published to be available in the Production Library.

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