How to Set Up Marketing Cloud ID Service in Adobe DTM

This guide assumes that you have already been granted access to Adobe Dynamic Tag Management. If you do not have an Adobe DTM Account, follow the steps here to obtain an account. 

For users migrating from legacy Analytics visitor ID to Marketing Cloud ID Service, follow the guide here to verify that the prerequisites are complete

Step-by-Step Guide to Implement Marketing Cloud ID Service in Adobe DTM

  1. Install a tool by clicking Add a Tool

  2. From the dropdown, select Marketing Cloud ID Service

    Screenshot 2016-04-20 14.39.56
  3. Add the Adobe Marketing Cloud Organization ID (MCORG ID) and the Tracking Server.


    The Marketing Cloud ID can be obtained by logging in to and clicking Administration. It appears under Organization ID.


    The Tracking Server is the same Tracking Server added to the Adobe Analytics tool. It is required if using with Adobe Analytics. More information here:

  4. To implement Marketing Cloud ID Service with Adobe Analytics, the Tracking Server is required. All other settings are optional. For more information on these settings, reference

    Screenshot 2016-04-21 12.29.31
  5. Once the tool is added, it is now in Staging. To push the tool to the Production environment, the tool needs to be approved and published. This process may be different depending on the settings selected when creating the web property. For more information on the approval process, reference