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Snapping system | Substance 3D Stager

Snapping system

Snapping is a system that changes the behavior of the transform tools. Snapping positions objects more precisely by automatically aligning them to different snap targets such as object bounds or the ground plane.

To use snapping

  1. Enable tool options > snap.
  2. Optional: Set additional snapping tool options.
  3. Use the transform tools to interact with objects.

Enabling snapping

You can enable snapping in the transform tool options, in the viewport header, or use the default shortcut X.

After enabling snapping extra options will be available for setting snap targets. Targets will snap together as they move close together during a transform.

Snap target options

Bounding box

Snap to the top, bottom, front, back, and sides of objects.

Snapping planes are set at the volume of the object in world space.


Snap to the centers of objects.

Centers are set at the center of the bounding box volume in world space.


Snap to object pivots.

Initial position

Snap to the position an object was in at the start of a transformation.


Snap to the ground plane.

World axes

Snap to zero coordinates in world space position.

On contact only

Limit snapping to object bounding boxes that are touching.

Snapping tolerance

Set the threshold for how sensitive snapping should be.

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