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Groups are helper objects that have no 3D representation themselves. They are often used for organizational purposes and to create transformation hierarchies based on pivot placement.

To create a group

  • Use the default shortcut Cmd / Ctrl + G
  • Use the object > group menu command
  • Use Actions > group button

Groups are often used to organize objects that should be conceptually treated as a single object. Stager uses group select by default.

Turn off group select in the transform tool options, or hold Cmd or Ctrl to temporarily toggle group select off.

Cameras are not currently able to be added to groups or hierarchies.

Transform properties

The transform tab of the Properties panel is shared by all objects. Learn more about transforms in the 3D coordinate system documentation.

All 3D objects can also be positioned with the transform tools.

Object properties


Groups work with the collision transformation tool option. Learn more about collision based transformation.

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