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Tools | Substance 3D Stager


The toolbar is the area of the interface where you'll find tools and the most common actions needed to work with assets in Stager. Each tool provides unique methods for creating and interacting with content directly in the viewport. Only one tool can be active at a time and each tool has many sub tools and options for controlling its behavior.

Add and import content

Load files or browse Substance 3D Assets collection.

Select tools

Select tools allow you to select, move, rotate, and scale objects in the viewport.

Camera tools

Camera tools allow you to navigate in the viewport to view the 3D scene.

Environment lighting tool

The environment lighting tool allows you to adjust the environment lighting in the viewport.

Shape tools

The shape tools allow you to build basic primitive shapes in the viewport.

Sampler tool

The sampler tool allows you to sample and apply materials in the viewport.

Magic wand tool

The magic wand tool allows you to make automatic sub-selections of objects.

Canvas tools

The canvas tools allow you to move the 2D view of the canvas, when using camera objects.

Assets panel

Access starter assets and Libraries.

Project materials panel

View and manage materials through your project.

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