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Assets panel

The Assets panel is where you can access and organize content to use in Substance 3D Stager. The Assets panel lets you access both starter assets that ship with Stager as well as Creative Cloud Libraries.

To use content from the starter assets or a library:

  • Click on the asset to load it in the default way (for models this will load at the origin).
  • Drag on the asset to the viewport to do targeted behavior (for models this will load at the target position).

Starter Assets

Stager ships with dozens of models, materials, lights, and images. All of these assets can be used royalty free in any project and are a great way to get learning and working quickly.

With the starter assets you can:

  • Use search to find an asset by name.

  • Use filters to find assets by type. You can filter by models, materials, lights, and images.

  • Click or drag an asset into the viewport to add it to your scene.


Use the Libraries panel to access your Creative Cloud Libraries where you can organize cloud-synced content for use across applications, projects, devices, and teams. With Creative Cloud Libraries you can:

  • Create, delete, and rename libraries

  • Add, delete, reorganize, and manage content in a library

  • Share a library

  • Search for and license content from Adobe Stock

Stager supports the following types of content for loading from a library or saving to a library:

Content Type













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