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Environment | Substance 3D Stager


The environment represents the infinite space around the 3D scene. It contains the ground plane, the image based lighting and background properties.



The ground in a 3D scene captures shadows and reflections. Change the properties to influence the characteristics of shadows and reflections.

Ground plane

Toggle on or off ground plane display.

Shadow opacity

Opacity value of all shadows in the scene.

Reflection opacity

Opacity value of all ground plane reflections in the scene.

Reflection roughness

Roughness value of ground plane reflections in the scene.



Color of the background of the 3D scene.

Environment background opacity

Opacity of the environment light as background.

Environment background blur

Amount of blur on the environment light when opacity is non zero.


Global lighting

Toggle on/off all image based lighting in the scene.

Global intensity

Control the intensity of all image based lights in the scene.

Global rotation

Control the rotation of all the image based lights in the scene.

Environment light

An environment light is a panoramic HDR image that is projected spherically around the scene.


Panoramic image input to the environment light.


Amount of light emitted from the light source.


The position of the light on the horizontal axis around the scene, controlling whether the light points from the front, side, or back.


Multiply the input image with a color from the omnipicker.

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