Upgrade your Creative Cloud membership, switch the type of membership, or convert a free trial to a paid plan.

Upgrade your plan

Creative Cloud makes it easy to upgrade from one membership plan to another.

If you upgrade to a Creative Cloud annual plan, you don’t incur a cancellation charge on your existing plan. Upon upgrading, you receive a refund for the unused portion of your previous membership.

For example, you can upgrade your Single App plan to a Creative Cloud All Apps plan. You can also upgrade your month-to-month plan to an annual plan, paid either monthly or once a year.

To upgrade your plan, follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.adobe.com, and sign in using the Adobe ID and password associated with the membership plan you want to upgrade. The Sign In link is in the top navigation bar of most pages.

    Click Sign In

    If you’re already signed in, click your name in the top navigation bar.


    Having trouble? Clear your browser cache or try a different browser, such as Internet Explorer or Safari.

  2. In the navigation pane that appears, click Manage account.


    You may be prompted to enter your password to verify your identity.

  3. Under Plans & Products, click Manage plan.

    Click Manage plan
  4. Under Plan details, click Switch plan. You can also view details of your current plan. 

    Click Switch plan


    Don't see the Switch plan link? In countries served by Digital River, Adobe's e-commerce partner, the Switch plan option is not available. To change or upgrade your plan, contact us.

  5. On the Switch Plan page, choose from a list of available plans and click Switch to this plan.

    Click Switch to this plan
  6. In the confirmation page, review the terms and conditions and click Switch plan. Your membership is activated and Creative Cloud desktop app now displays your current entitlement status.


If your new membership plan is not activated automatically, sign out and sign back in to Creative Cloud. For detailed instructions, see Sign in and sign out to activate Creative Cloud apps.

Switch your membership type

Want to switch from one Creative Cloud membership to another? Here’s how.

In some cases, switching from one membership to another involves a call to customer support. Depending upon which membership you are switching, you may need to cancel your existing membership. Before you cancel your membership, read the Adobe subscription terms.

For example, to switch a multiple-app membership, such as the Creative Cloud Photography plan, to a full Creative Cloud membership, contact us.

Switch from an individual membership to a team membership

If you have an individual Creative Cloud membership, you can cancel it with no penalty and re-enroll as part of your company's membership. To cancel the individual membership, contact us.


If your new membership plan is not activated automatically, sign out and sign back in to Creative Cloud. For detailed instructions, see Sign in and sign out to activate Creative Cloud apps.

To download the Creative Cloud desktop app manually, visit the Creative Cloud desktop app page.

Alternatively, you can deactivate and reactivate your membership by signing out of any Creative Cloud app. Signing out of one Creative Cloud app deactivates all apps associated with that Adobe ID on that computer.

  • Launch an app, such as Photoshop, and choose Help > Sign Out.
  • Close the app, and then relaunch it.
  • Choose Help > Sign in, and sign in with your Adobe ID.

Convert a trial to a paid membership

To convert a trial to a paid Creative Cloud membership, simply sign in to www.adobe.com with your Adobe ID and password (the Sign In link in the top navigation bar). Then click Get started, and choose a membership plan.

For more information and instructions on how to convert an expired trial, see Convert a trial to a paid Creative Cloud membership.

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