Adding or modifying metadata

You can manage meta properties of a form using Forms Manager. You cannot edit metadata of signed, certified, or encrypted forms. Do one of the following to open the Forms Details user interface tab where you can add metadata to a form:

  • Double-click the form
  • Use the Edit Form action on the Action bar

The Forms Details tab lets you:

  • Edit existing meta properties for a form
  • Add tags or custom properties by clicking the '+' button next to the existing fields
  • Remove/update tags or custom properties associated with the form
  • Upload and associate sample data with the form
  • Activate or deactivate a form
  • Set scheduled activation/deactivation times for forms
  • Preview or download a form
  • View all form references
  • Upload sample data XML file with a form

Types of metadata properties for a form

Some meta properties in the forms get added to the XMP packet in the template and are retained when the form is downloaded via the Forms Manager user interface or the Workbench, and viewed/edited in Designer. These properties include:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Author Name
  • Custom user-defined properties

Other properties do not persist as XMP properties in the Form Template, but are maintained as form properties in the repository. These properties are not carried over if assets are moved using the download/upload functionality in the Forms Manager user interface. However, these properties are retained in the exported LCA and can be moved along with content in LCA. Such properties are:

  • Tags
  • Activation date
  • Deactivation date
  • Status (activated or deactivated)
  • Submit URL
  • HTML render profile
  • PDF render profile
  • Sample data (for previewing a form)

Uploading a form through the Forms Manager user interface, performing an on-demand synchronization, or checking-in an updated form through Workbench does not overwrite/delete these properties.

Activating or deactivating forms

The Status column shows the current state of a form. To activate an inactive form; navigate to the form, select it, and click Activate.

You can deactivate a form in a similar manner.

To activate or deactivate a form using the scheduler service at a predefined time, specify the activation time or deactivation time.

Adding Tags and custom properties

To add tags/custom properties to a form, open the form in Forms Manager and click the '+' icon.


  • Click '+' adjacent to the tags and select all the tags that you want to add
  • Click '+' again and the tags appear in the area below
  • Click Save to save the form.

To remove an existing tag, select the tag, click '-', and click Save.

Custom properties

To add custom properties to a form, click '+' next to Custom Properties.

  • Add the name and value of the property you want to add. Ensure that property names are unique and there are no special characters or spaces in property names.
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