Downloading a form

You can download your forms as a ZIP archive from Forms Manager.

  1. Log in to Forms Manager at http://[server]:[port]/lc/fm.

  2. Select the XDP, the PDF form, the folder, or the entire application containing multiple forms that you want to download.

    Note: You cannot download images separately using the Forms Manager user interface. To download the images along with the form, download the parent folder as a ZIP archive.

  3. Click Save.


The downloaded ZIP is intended to help form developers download and update assets. Do not use this workflow to move assets from one system to another. To move assets across systems, use the LCA mechanism.


Additionally, if you try to download a folder or an application that do not contain any forms or images, an error dialog is displayed, indicating that the content to be downloaded must have at least one form or an image asset.

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