Checking form dependencies

Forms Manager helps administrators, as well as, designers view the relationships of a form with other assets. A snapshot of these relationships help in a change impact assessment. Using Forms Manager, you can view the following:

  • A list of all assets that a form refers to.
  • A list of forms that are referring to any asset.

Using Forms Manager, search for a form and open it in the editing mode. The right side of the Properties pane displays two tables:

  • Refers table displays the list of forms/fragments and images that referred to by the current form/fragment.
  • Referred By table displays the list of forms/fragments that refer to the current form/fragment.

Dependencies are not displayed for PDF and Print forms.

Forms Manager helps find dependencies when forms refer to each other


The References section, highlighted in the screen capture, displays the following information:

  • Refers Section lists the fragments that are being referred by this form, along with their reference type and active/inactive status.
  • Referred by Section lists the forms that are referring to this form/fragment. It also indicates the reference type and active/inactive status.

Along with the lists, this area also displays the type of reference; indicating whether it is valid (resolved), broken (unresolved), or an external reference.

Reference categories

Reference category



When the named form exists in the repository.
Note: The name of the form in Resolved state is shown as a link for direct navigation to form which opens up for editing in another Tab.


When the named form is not present in the repository. When that form is added/created in the repository, this reference gets updated to the Resolved state.

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