Roles and their rights in a ConnectPro meeting

This document lists the roles in an Adobe ConnectPro meeting room and the rights associated with them for all types of meeting room attendees.

Meeting Room Attendees

There are three different types of meeting room attendees; Host, Presenter, and Participant.

Note: These should not be confused with the types of built-in users, which are listed in the section below.

The Host can perform the following tasks:

  • Set up meetings, invite guests, approve guests, put rooms on hold or end them.
  • Add or edit layouts.
  • Promote and demote attendees.
  • Switch to preparing mode to create or edit a layout for a different presentation.
  • Show slides and content, share screens, broadcast audio and video and change the meeting room properties.
  • Control participant audio and video broadcast.

The Presenter can perform the following tasks:

  • Show slides and content, and share screens.
  • Chat, answer questions, and broadcast live audio and video.

The Participant can perform the following tasks:

  • View and participate in a meeting.
  • View the content being shown, hear and see the presenters audio and video broadcast, use text chat, take polls, and download files.
  • If given permission, broadcast their own audio and video.

Built-In User Groups


  • Create users and groups.
  • Super users with permissions to do everything except author content.


  • Create and publish presentation.

Content Managers (not a built-in group--recommended addition to default groups):

  • Manage content.

Training Managers

  • Create and manage training courses and curriculum.

Meeting Hosts

  • Create and host meeting.

Event Managers

  • Create and manage event.

Registered Users (not a built-in group--recommended addition to default groups)

  • View presentations and trainings, and attend meeting.
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