Adobe AIR 2.5.1 User Release Notes

About Adobe AIR

The Adobe® AIR® runtime powers many popular desktop applications, including video players, enterprise applications, games, and productivity tools.

Changes in AIR 2.5.1

Adobe AIR 2.5.1 is an update to the Adobe AIR runtime. The update includes improved performance, reliability, compatibility, and security. It is recommended for all AIR users.

AIR applications developed for previous versions of AIR do not need to be updated to work with this update.

Developers can find additional details about this release by reading the Adobe AIR 2.5 Developer Release Notes. Release notes for prior versions of AIR are available at the Adobe AIR release notes page.

System requirements

For the current Adobe AIR system requirements, please visit:

AIR Installers Troubleshooting

Please refer to the following tech note for installer troubleshooting:

Installer logs for AIR 2 application and runtime installation

In AIR 2, installation logs are created by default. The file is named "Install.log" on Linux and Windows. The file is named "system.log" on Mac OS. This log file is cumulative, meaning that new log information is added at the end of the existing log file whenever an attempt, successful or unsuccessful, is made to install or update the AIR runtime or an AIR application. The size of the log file is limited to 0.5MB and will be truncated when exceeding this size.

The location of this file differs from platform to platform:

  • On Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\AIR\logs\Install.log
  • On Windows Vista/ Windows 7: C:\Users\<username>\Appdata\Local\Adobe\AIR\logs\Install.log
  • On Mac OS X: /private/var/log/system.log (console application)
  • On Linux: /home/<username>/.appdata/Adobe/AIR/Logs/Install.log

If you have difficulty installing an AIR or an AIR application, the information added to the log file can help the application developer pinpoint the source of the problem.



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