Using AfterShock 2.0 or 2.5, it is possible to create an HTML page that routes people visiting your page to a Shockwave 6 Installer on Macromedia's site instead of the Shockwave 7 installer.

Note:This is only an issue on Netscape browsers.


To avoid this problem do the following:


Open AfterShock and add a Shockwave file (.dcr).


Select the scripting tab located on right side of the windowlocated under "Settings for (your file name).dcr ".

3 Under the Installation options DO NOT select "Plug-in on Netscape Communicator" and DO NOT select "Add Smart Shockwave Button". Both of these check boxes should be unchecked.
4 Make any other settings appropriate for your movie.
Choose File>Save.

Open the Aftershock generated HTML file in an HTML editor or text editor and make the following changes:


Locate the line of code toward the bottom starting with "else if".


Copy the section of code below and paste in the HTML. This should replace the HTML that AfterShock created, beginning with the line "} else if..."

} else if (!(navigator.appName && navigator.appName.indexOf("Netscape")>=0 && navigator.appVersion.indexOf("2.")>=0)){ window.location="http://www.myurl";





Replace the URL in red ("http://www.myurl")with a URL that navigates to a page on your site.


On this page, you can inform the user they will need Shockwave and provide a link to the Shockwave download center on Macromedia's site:

Additional Information

Please visit the "On The Internet" area of the Director Support and Developers Center for any changes regarding this issue.

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