Adobe Sign for SAP SuccessFactors: Recruiting

The SAP SuccessFactors environment is highly customizable, and internal processes will vary. The first half of this article follows one example for job requisition/application. Your steps may be different depending on how your environment is configured.

Job Requsition and application is a straight forward, two-phase process:

  • Configure the employee in SAP SuccessFactors
  • Sign the employment documents

Your internal processes and custom configuration of SuccessFactors govern the first stage. This part of the document may differ in your actual internal process.

The signature portion of the process is governed by Adobe Sign, and is subject to less customization in the SuccessFactors environment.

1. Log into your SAP SuccessFactors instance


2. Access the Recruiting tab:

3. Click Create New to create a new job requisition:

4. Select one of the three options to create a new job requisition:

  • Copy Existing Job Requisition
  • Browse "Families & Roles"
  • Create New Job Requisition From Blank Template

For this example, the new job requisition will be created from a blank template. 

5. Enter the Job Title

  • Click Next when done

6. Enter the job details into the Job Requisition Form

  • When done, click Send to Next Step

A verification page presents

7. Click Send to Next Step


8. Click Job Posting to access the job posting

9. Enter the posting details for each intended audience.

  • Enter the posting start and (optionally) end dates for each posting type (Intranet, Corporate, and Agency)
    • Intranet postings list jobs on the internal career site
    • Corporate postings list jobs on the external career site
    • Agency postings list jobs on the configured agency boards as defined in the agency list
  • Click on Post Job for each posting type you configure

Once the job has been posted, you can review the posting by clicking the link icon to the right of the posting type.

10. At this point, the job is exposed to your candidates by whatever posting type you have enabled.

This example will follow the process for a candidate using the Corporate (External Career Portal) posting:


  • Navigate to the career portal, and click the Search Jobs button


  • Upon finding a job of interest, click on the Select Action drop-down, and select Apply from the menu


  • After a job is selected, the candidate needs to log in or create a new account


  • Complete the fields on the Candidate Profile, and click Next at the bottom of the page when done


  • Review the application, and click Apply at the bottom of the page when ready


  • A confirmation is delivered to the candidate

11. To review the candidate applications, navigate to: Home > Recruiting

On the Recruiting page, the number of applying candidates is indicated to the right of the Job Title.

  • Click on the Job Title link to open the job requisition

12. Click on the Candidates link, at the top of the Job Requsition Detail section

13.  When you find an acceptable candidate (after the recruiting process is complete and interviews are settled):

  • Check the box next to the candidate's name
  • Click Action button at the top of the candidate Name column
  • Select Move Candidate


  • Select Offer from the drop-down list and click Apply Updates

14. To send the offer letter:

  • Click on the candidate to open the candidate details
  • Click the Take Action link in the upper right of the window
  • Select Offer > Offer Letter from the menu

The Offer Letter template selection page opens:

15. Choose the appropriate Country, Language, and Template for the Offer Letter

  • Click Next when done
  • Click Adobe Save Offer on the next page

The final formatted offer letter is presented.

16. Click on the Send using Adobe Sign button at the top-right of the letter

Final Offer Letter ready to send

The Adobe Sign interactive screen opens, with the candidate populated in the first recipient record, and the offer letter attached.

17. Complete any additional details that your internal policy dictates (counter-signers, reminders, PDF security, etc.)

  • Click Send when done

The confirmation page displays.

18. Press the SAP SuccessFactors button at the bottom-left of the page to return to the SuccessFactors environment

19. The candidate receives the offer letter via email

  • Clicking the link opens the signable document
Candidate email.

After the candidate signs the offer letter:

  • The Candidate Status field on the Job Application is changed to Offer Accepted
  • The signed offer letter is attached under the Adobe Offer Signed field

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