How to create a color fade effect in Flash

Tweening color effects

A fade-out effect is achieved in Flash by creating a Motion Tween, and adjusting the Alpha property of a Symbol. A simple example of creating this effect is provided below. The Symbol created will fade out over the duration of ten frames. The instructions provided are written for Flash 5. However, if you are using a previous version of Flash, the basic method is the same.

This process can be applied to any Symbol, including those containing text. Make sure that the object has been converted to a Symbol before applying a Motion Tween.

A basic example

To fade a blue circle to white over ten frames, do the following:

1 Open a new document, with a white background.
2 Select the Circle Tool, using a blue color. (Or any other desired color).
3 Draw a circle on the Stage.
4 Double-click the circle to highlight both the line and fill.
5 Choose Insert > Convert to Symbol. Select "Graphic" and click OK.
6 Select frame 10 in the Timeline. Choose Insert > Keyframe.
7 Highlight the Symbol on the Stage. Select Modify > Instance.
8 Choose the Effects Panel.Note:In previous versions, this is called the "Color Effect" panel.
9 Choose "Alpha" from the pop-up menu.
10 Enter the number "0" as the percent. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard to activate the change.
11 Highlight frame 1 and choose Modify > Frame, to access the Frame panel.
12 In the Tweening dialog box, choose "Motion" from the menu.Note:In previous versions, this can be found as a Tweening tab. Hit the Enter key to activate the change.
13 Choose Control> Test Movie to see the fade effect.


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