Flash Professional CC 2014 | Release Notes

Welcome to Adobe® Flash Professional CC 2014 release (February 2015). This page contains late-breaking product information and updates not covered in the Flash Professional documentation.

Flash Professional CC 2014 release | February 2015 update

The February 2015 update to Flash Professional CC 2014 release includes:

  • Flash Player 16.0 and AIR SDK 16.0 integration
  • HTML5 Canvas output optimizations
  • Audio splitting in timeline
  • Masking support in Custom Platform SDK
  • Custom Platform Support fixes
  • WebGL Runtime fix to support latest Chrome update
  • Wacom bug fixes

For more information, see What's New for Flash Professional CC 2014 release | February 2015.

Flash Professional CC 2014 release | October 2014

The October update to Flash Professional CC 2014 release enables you to:

  • Create Flash Pro plugins to support custom platforms
  • Define custom brushes
  • Create a path with variable width and color for the objects you animate
  • Use audio and frame scripts in WebGL documents
  • Publish applications for Intel x86-based Android devices
  • Publish AIR applications with shared runtime
  • Import SWF files

For more information, see What's New for Flash Professional CC 2014 release | October 2014.

Flash Professional CC 2014 release | July 2014

The July update to Flash Professional CC 2014 release enables you to add interactivity to your WebGL content.

For more information, see What's New for Flash Professional CC (2014 release).

Flash Professional CC 2014 release

The latest release of Flash Professional is a major update that features a new and improved Motion Editor, the ability to create and publish static WebGL content, the addition of a variable-width tool to enhance strokes and more. This update also contains fixes to critical bugs reported by the Flash Professional community.

For more information, see What's New for Flash Professional CC (2014 release).

System requirements

For the latest system requirements visit http://www.adobe.com/go/flash_systemreqs

In addition to the Adobe Flash Professional CC system requirements, applications created using AIR for iOS will only run on devices that support iOS 4.2 or higher and iPod Touch 3rd & 4th generation, iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5, and iPad 2 & 3.

Applications created and published from Flash Professional CC for Android platforms will run on devices that run Google Android™ 2.3 operating system or higher. For a list of the latest certified devices, please visit www.adobe.com/flashplatform/certified_devices/

Note: MAC OSX 10.6 is not supported with Flash Professional CC (2014).

Installation instructions

For detailed instructions on installation, visit the installation page 

Trial software

Creative Cloud trials are "try and buy", allowing you to evaluate individual products or editions and then convert the installed trial to a full version. You can convert from a trial to a full version at any time by signing up for a subscription. You are required to be online and log-in with an Adobe ID to start using your full version.

License agreement

Internet connection, Adobe ID, and acceptance of license agreement are required to activate and use this product. This product may integrate with or allow access to certain Adobe or third-party hosted online services. Adobe services are available only to users 13 and older and require agreement to additional terms of use and Adobe’s online privacy policy (see http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/legal.html). Applications and Services may not be available in all countries or languages and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice. Additional fees or membership charges may apply.

New features

For the complete list of new features with Flash Professional CC (2014 release), see this page.

Online Resources

Submitting bugs & feature requests

To submit feature request and bugs for Flash Professional, please send our team an email by completing the following form:  http://www.adobe.com/go/wish/

Flash Professional CC and the Android Market

Flash Professional CC supports the publishing of AIR applications for Android so developers can deliver applications to Google Play.  Developers will need to establish an account with the Android Market to publish their application.  For more information, visit http://market.android.com/publish to set up an account.

Apple App Store submission requirements

Developers can deliver applications built with AIR for iOS to the Apple App Store. This requires the developer to be a member of the iOS Developer Program and follow the program guidelines.

A developer certificate from Apple is required in order to test and deploy applications to iOS devices. Apple provides information on its developer programs at http://developer.apple.com/ios/

For the latest information about Adobe AIR releases, go to http://www.adobe.com/go/learn_air_relnotes_en

Extension Manager CC 7.2

Adobe Extension Manager CC allows you to download and install useful extensions for Flash Professional CC. To install Extension Manager CC, go to Help > Manage Extensions. This installs Extension Manager CC automatically.

For more information about Extension Manager, visit this page.

Known issues

Refer to Adobe Support http://www.adobe.com/go/customer_support for late-breaking information and known issues for all Creative Cloud applications.

  • [Reference #3773520]: (MAC only) Flash Professional may fail to install if the operating system language is set to Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), or Korean. For information on resolving this issue, see this KB article.
  • [Reference #3738000]: First and Last frames are not included when exporting video from Flash Professional.
  • [Reference #3656916]: Audio begins streaming and playing from the first frame, even if the playhead is placed on a different frame.
  • [Reference #3726298]: Timeline scrubbing does not run at a set fps when Motion Editor is open in the Timeline.
  • [Reference #3703069]: Variable Width strokes split when you draw any object above the variable width stroke.
  • [Reference #3713553]: FPS value reduces when objects overlap shape-tweened objects with variable width.
  • [Reference #3809093]: SVG Export/WebGL/Canvas Publishing failed to work when exported/published to UNC network location
  • [Reference #3779628]: Pressure,tilt and eraser option does not work when set to mouse mode in Wacom
  • [Reference #3760092]: Issues when documents created using Flash Professional CC 2014 are opened using Flash Professional CC:
    •  "Could not load scene into memory error when you open a WebGL document in Flash Professional CC. The error also prevents files of other document types (HTML5 Canvas, ActionScript 3.0) from opening. Relaunch Flash Professional CC to resolve this issue.
    • Opening a file with Variable Width stroke in Flash Professional CC, converts such strokes to normal strokes, and no warnings are shown.