Manage product permissions in the Admin Console

You can now use the Admin Console to manage access to in-product features and capabilities. In order to manage users and the operations that they can perform in your product, the Admin Console allows you to assign permissions and roles to product profiles. For example, if your organization is using Adobe Analytics or Adobe Target, you can first create product profiles        for these products, assign permissions to these profiles based on your needs, and then add users to these product profiles. The added users will derive their permissions from the product profiles that they are added to.

In addition to providing users with permissions to perform specific tasks or access specific areas, you can also assign them product roles within product profiles. As an example, in the case of Adobe Target, you can assign users the roles of Observer, Editor, or Approver. These product roles are recognized and enforced by Adobe Target.

As a Product profile administrator, the capability to define permissions and roles within product profiles in the Admin Console gives you control over the way the end users interact with your product.

Read details on how to manage products and product profiles on the Admin Console.

The Admin Console groups together permission items into sections. Each section contains multiple permission items that can be included in or removed from a product profile.


The sections and permission items displayed in the Admin Console will vary for each product.

Add permissions to a product profile

Perform the following steps to add permissions items from specific section to a product profile:

  1. Log in to the Admin Console and navigate to Products.

    A list is displayed of all Adobe product plans for which you are an administrator.

  2. Click the required product.

  3. Click the product profile to which you need to add permissions and navigate to the Permissions tab.

    The Permissions tab displays the list of sections that apply to the current product. The list also displays the count of permission items that have been included in the current profile.

  4. Click a section to view the available permission items.

    You can use the search box to search for a permission item. The list of permission items is filtered to include those that match your search query.

    Add or remove permissions as required.

    You can also search for permissions using the Search box.

  5. Click Save when you are done.

Automatically include permission items

When you are adding permission items to a product profile, the Auto-include option allows you to add not only all the permission items that exist within a section today, but also all permission items that may be created within that section in the future. This implies that on selecting this check box, all the permission items that are currently available for the section will be added to the product profile. At a later time, if new permission items become available for this section, these items will be automatically included in this product profile. By selecting this option, you will not need to come back to edit this product profile to include the new permission items.

  1. While you are working in the Permissions tab of a product profile, click to open a section to view the available permission items.

  2. To Auto-include all the permissions items in this permission section, click Auto-include.

  3. Click Save.

Remove permissions

You can remove specific permission items that have been added to a product profile. You can also remove all the permission items in a permission section of a product profile.

  1. While you are working in the Permissions tab of the selected product profile, click to open the required permission section.

  2. To remove specific permission, click  to the right of the included permission item.

  3. To remove all the permission items in a permission section added to a product profile, click Remove All in the upper-right corner of the INCLUDED list.

Copy permissions

You can create a new product profile using the permissions defined in an existing profile. This can be useful if you have a product profile with a complicated set of defined permissions.

  1. In the Permissions tab, after you have saved the permission changes to a product profile, click Copy Permission.

  2. When you are prompted to create a new profile, click Continue.

    When you copy the permissions from a product profile, you are navigated to a new (draft) product profile. The new product profile has all the permissions of the original profile.

  3. Enter the required details to create a new profile.

  4. If applicable, click Next and edit the services that you need or set the quota for this profile.

  5. Click Done.

After the new profile is created with the permissions copied from the previous profile, you are taken to the Users tab for the new profile.

Add users and admins to this profile as required.

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