Comments disappear, or a PDF review hangs

After the 11.0.09 update, PDFs that were commented with Acrobat and Reader 11.0.08 and earlier can have comments and distributed form responses disappear. Shared reviews can also hang or crash.

  • This problem affects both Acrobat and Reader 11.0.09.
  • The disappearing comment issue appears whether one or both Acrobat and Reader are installed.
  • Shared review performance issues appear when Acrobat is installed and Reader is not.

Solution: Update to the latest product version

Update to 11.0.10: 

  • Choose Help > Check for Updates, or
  • Get the .msp file and update manually. 
See the Release Notes for details.

Additional information

With 11.0.09, features that use the synchronizer.exe can experience problems where a product with an earlier version was used to create the PDF. Problems can include: 

  • Shared Review comments created with an earlier product version do not appear when the PDF is opened with 11.0.09 products. This issue does not occur with other types of comments. 
  • Distributed forms-related responses created with an earlier product version do not appear when the PDF is opened with 11.0.09 products.
  • When old comments do not appear, publishing new comments causes the existing comments on the server to be deleted. Other reviewers then see that the author has deleted all comments. Any review deadline is removed and appears as "None."
  • Anyone who opens a commented PDF while offline AND the comments have not been saved to the document sees that all the comments have been deleted. 
  • All review workflows which use the Acrobat PDF viewer inside the browser crash if Reader 11.0.09 is not installed on the machine. 
  • When Reader 11.0.09  is installed, Acrobat inside the browser uses the Reader Synchronizer. While there can be no hangs or crashes, incorrect data can appear. 

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