Issues resolved in Presenter 9

The following list of issues were resolved in the Adobe Presenter 9 release.


MP4 video in content buffers but slide keeps playing. It's incorrect. Slide should indicate, "buffering."


Safari 6.0.4 crashes at the last slide when a particular content is played.


Unable to click any option of Learning Interactions.


On moving out of a quiz to a normal slide, the presentation starts playing automatically.


Answer keys in reports for hotspot type questions show all the options with wrong numbering.


BSOD reproduced on moving back from a slide that has a SWF file on a slide and in sidebar.


On the “More Info” slide after LI quiz, Start Over button can’t be clicked until the slide completes playing.


Exception is seen in debug Flash Player while viewing a recording with a PPT shared in a share pod that has stopped being shared.


The more info slide of LI is not locked when zipped content is shared in a meeting.


On attempting a quiz question in a PPTX from content library, the correct/incorrect message comes in a black box instead of blue box.


Uploading a PPTX file that has hotspot questions added using Presenter 8 can't be uploaded in content library.


UI issue in Notes tab of sidebar when PPTX is uploaded in content library.


Slide notes do not appear when PPTX is uploaded in a meeting running in the Connect add-in.


Uploading PPTX file in share pod fails on a server with P9 CommandLineConverter.exe bits.


Failed conversion of PPT causes CommandLineConverter.exe process to hang endlessly.


MOBILE: In progress status shows up incorrectly in the Virtual Classroom course report when the course has already been taken and completed.


With a hidden slide in PowerPoint presentation, when sharing the PPTX, the hidden slide and the visible slide's content get overlapped.


When published output is launched in Connect and switching quickly between slides, contents freeze in the PPTX.


If a PPT with bounce animation of custom duration of 1 second  or 0.5 second is applied on text/image, the text/image disappears after the animation completes.


On a quiz instruction slide, when pressing the sync and unsync button the tabs in the sidebar overlap.


 If a slide transition is applied on any slide, on sharing the PPTX in a meeting, when pressing the next button of the share pod, the next slide is shown rather than the next animation on the slide.


Presenter should display a warning or otherwise change its behavior when the Adobe Connect session has timed out.


If a user attempts the same quiz in two different sessions, Presenter quiz questions options overlap and check box don't appear to the users.


If users select multiple hotspots in a hotspot type of question, in the reports all the hotspots are shown as the chosen option even if the users deselected the hotspot before submitting the answer.


 Answer keys in reports for hotspot type of questions show all the options with the same numbering.


If a presentation with video is muted, and then stop being shared, on sharing from recently shared again, the video appears unmuted and if the host mutes again, only their meeting client is muted.


The check box for "Show sidebar to participants gets automatically deselected" when "Show presentation playbar " is selected.


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