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Known Issues

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 Bug # Description 
2697957 When the meeting access policy is set to 'Only registered users and accepted guests can enter the room," guests are required to request entry.
2682471 If you customize the Adobe Connect meeting room while meeting rooms are active, users already in the room don't see your customization changes. New users entering the meeting see the customization changes.
2645857 If user deletes content from Connect Central, that content can still be uploaded in meeting until it is unloaded from the Flash Media Server.
2719023 If you begin recording a meeting while a PPTX/PPT file is being shared, the first slide of the presentation is shown for a moment. Then, it flips to the slide being shared when the recording started.
2698562 In an Offline recording, playback of video from the Video Telephony pod is not smooth.
2648716 When hovering over a submenu using both the mouse and keyboard, the color of the active menu item sometimes turns white when you move the mouse.
2604901 When bulleted text is copied to, or from the Note pod, the bullets are not retained.
2644748 When you copy and paste to or from a Microsoft Word document to the Note pod, all formatting is lost.
2631155 Sharing a high-quality video feed to 8-10 users results in high CPU usage. It also leads to pixelated video at the start of the feed, unexpected pauses, and slow responsiveness from the meeting room. 
2644985  A users Display name is not updated in a private chat tab if the tab was previously opened. 
2721136 Private chat tabs are not shown to attendees other than the presenter when a meeting room is migrated from earlier versions of Adobe Connect.
2682354 The Appbar can become truncated when the Adobe Connect meeting room is reduced in size.
2650669 If two users type simultaneously to the same Note pod, then all of the text entered doesn't appear.
2640343 The toast notification window for guest entries doesn't appear when the "Share My Screen" dialog window is active.
2727991 The default Tomcat configuration (.conf) files are installed separately from the ones used for Adobe Connect 
2732304 When you open the same meeting in two browser windows (not from the Add-in), there is a delay between a slide changing and that change being displayed to other attendees.
2729300  When recording is made offline in an Add-in which is not maximized, the resulting offline recording shows only what is visible within the Add-in window.
1809695 Chat pod no longer functions for users who have launched the meeting room outside the Add-in, after switching the layout to full-screen on three different tabs
2684271 Screen readers do not read the Audio Setup Wizard dialog box.
2693632 Certain Adobe Captivate 4 presentations cause the browser to crash when the embedded Exit button is clicked 
2755952 Meeting does not support customHttpHeaders or custom cookies. 
2457387 The filename is incorrect in the File Download box. When you download a PDF with spaces, you see a + sign instead of a space.
2717854 TUR: Attendee list shortcut Promote to Host (CMD+') does not work

 Adobe Connect Add-in


Bug #



The Make Offline recording function is not implemented in the Linux Add-in.


Launching a meeting for the first time in Linux requires a dependency on Flash Player security settings. 


You can't launch a meeting in Flash Player 10.1.x from a Connect server configured with SSL on Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS) with Firefox version 3.6.4 and later. 


Sharing audio in the Adobe Connect Add-in for Ubuntu results in no audio playback in the Connect meeting room. The workaround is to add ?launcher=false to the room URL, loading the room in Flash Player first, then relaunch the room in the Ubuntu Add-in.


Enabling, then disabling full screen in the Adobe Connect Add-in for Ubuntu leaves an artifact on the desktop.


VoIP with Speex codec is not working properly in the Linux Add-in.


The "Yes" and "No" buttons in the Lightning Download dialog of the Add-in are intermittently not clickable on Mac OS.


After configuring software SSL, the Adobe Connect meeting room isn't launched in the Linux (Ubuntu) Add-in.


The icons of certain applications do not appear when you request to share an Application within the Adobe Connect Linux Add-in.


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