When publishing a presentation to a Connect 6 server as "Administrator", you get the following message: "You do not have permission to perform this operation.Please contact an Account Administrator for assistance."


On 5.x, belonging to the Administrator group allowed the user to publish without the need to be in the Authors Group. However, on Connect 6, the user needs to be added to the Authors group.


To add the user to the Authors Group, follow the steps below: 1) Login to the Connect Manager as Administrator or a user with administrator rights 2)Go to the Administration -> 'Users and Groups' tab 3) Locate the user under 'Users and Groups' 4) Click on the user and click on the Information button 5) Click on 'Edit Group Membership' 6) Under Possible Groups, click Authors and then the 'Add' button. You should now see 'Authors' in the Current Group Membership window.

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