Problem: Presenter 10 does not support the hybrid mode where both SWF and HTML5 output are supported when publishing as Both

1) Install Presenter 10

2) Launch PowerPoint and create a PowerPoint presentation

3) Select Adobe Presenter > Publish > Adobe Connect and for the Publish Format, select "Both"

4) Login to Connect server to publish the content

5) Logon to Connect Central and create a course using this newly publish content

6) In existing Virtual Classroom or create a new Virtual Classroom. Add the course to the Virtual Classroom by clicking on Manage Courses > Add Course and then browse for the course that you have created in step #5

The newly created course is not available to be added to the virtual classroom. In the manifest.xml file of the content, it's missing the SWF support.

The course should be available to be added to the virtual classroom

Workaround: In the dot release for Presenter 10, this will be supported.